Nothing is free in life was the most often saying that I heard
many times in my childhood and I believed it, but I was surprised when I know
that I was wrong,the truth is we can get really good stuff at free of cost.
You will get a shock by the different kinds of products and things you can receive
for free of cost these days. Start a free stuff collection to save your money
and reduce expenses, several companies are willing to provide you everything
like cloths, toys, shampoos, perfumes and more. Would you like to get free stuff
in your mail? If so, read on to know how to get companies to send you free stuff.

1. Most of us really don't think to apply the free samples
for the reason is that these samples are only for one use, they are looking
at this sample with exaggerated eyes. Saving money by using this free stuff
is an extraordinary way. Go to the companies which are giving freebies and request
them to offer free samples for you. Better use internet to search for the companies
which offers free samples, prepare a list of products you love to get free and
list of companies that offers your lovely products at free of cost. Try to do
it everyday, because every day there is many offers coming out.

2. Use survey sites to get advice on how to get UK companies
to free stuff. These survey sites also provide a lot of stuff at free of cost
in exchange with your ideas on products. Let me explain you an example, a survey
is providing free shops samples when you give your opinion on the shampoos,
it is really a simple thing, isn't it? These surveys also help you to find which
company is which stuff at free of cost.

3. Many companies are willing to provide free formula of their
products to you, so enlist with all formulas of companies. You can get free
samples of all companies at free of cost. Prepare an official request letter
with a neat format to request the company and to get free stuff from it. There
are two types of formats you can request the company, first type of format is
say that you want to know how well the free product works. The second format,
just simply say that you like the company very much and you are the customer
of company for many years.

4. You can send the letters through email or by post. You can
also make a call to the company and request them for free samples of their products
but sending template letters gets a better response than calling. Wait for replies.
It will take 3 to 4 weeks and free stuff will flow into your home if you do
like this. Believe me. This is the easiest way to get free stuff and you can
know it when you get free stuff.

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