Are you weeping and desperately wanting to get your boyfriend back? Have you tried calling him but he won't speak to you again? These are the usual feelings women commonly have right after a break up. They are still in denial that they no longer have a boyfriend and so they feel all alone. But you don’t have to be the one crying your eyes out. It should be him desperate to have your love back. How is this possible you may ask? Well, you simply just have to ignore him.

Women usually commit the common mistake of chasing the guy right after he dumps her. This is like a basic reflex that women can't just ignore. When you are vulnerable and heart broken, you tend to become desperate and needy to get your boyfriend back. But this will only want him to run much further away from you. And that is not what we are aiming for. You want him crawling down on his knees and begging you to give him another chance.

The answer to getting your ex boyfriend back is to just ignore him. That means there will no calling, emailing, checking his Facebook account or even asking his friends about him. I know, this may sound easy and much harder to do but the moment you stop all forms of communication; it will really make him feel your absence. And the moment he does, that is when he will realize how he misses his life with you and how indispensable you are to him.

Truth be told, he just wants to know how it will feel again to be a "freeman". He wants to see how the dating world is now. But when he knows how he has to start back at one again he would just be running back to you and rekindle what you already have started. Men may not admit it but they do want to stick to just one woman. Men are innately born polygamous. It’s one of their basic human instincts.

Don't go around chasing him but instead let him chase you and regret breaking up with you by not paying attention to him. He knows very well how attractive you are and other men will surely take notice anytime soon. So once he senses this, you just have reversed the break up. He will be desperate to have you back.

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