If your idea of having sex is just thrusting in and out of your lady’s V-zone in the hopes that she climaxes, then you’re taking a shot in the dark.

It behoves every man to know how to have sex. So that he can perform better and sexually please his woman in bed every single time.

Sex is one of the most important things in life. And it’s your MANLY duty in the bedroom to be better in bed and give your woman the sexual experience she deserves.

In this article, I share with you how to have sex.

You’ll also learn techniques and tricks to outlast your woman in bed, and get her to not only enjoy having sex with you, but become sexually addicted to you.

Before going further, you should know this…

Don’t make the mistakes most guys make by jumping into sex too soon. Thus, before the woman is SEXUALLY ready.

Keep in mind that women’s sexuality operates differently than men’s.

Watching that awesome view of a naked female body gives us a hard-on and furthers our excitement.

We are ready to mount and thrust right away and get off at a moment’s notice.

But a woman is different.

She needs to be stimulated properly to get her blood flowing and ready for sex and the orgasms to come.

So make sure your woman is fully aroused before you start having sex with her. Else it will take her a lot longer to achieve an orgasm. Not to mention, enjoy the sex.

So what’s a good lover to do?

By dragging out foreplay as long as you can!

That being said, let’s get started.

How to Have Sex

#1 – Foreplay isn’t optional

It’s a necessity of sex.

Women need foreplay to get them warmed up and relaxed enough to have sex.

Foreplay increases their level of sexual excitement. It also reduces their inhibitions and enable them to reach climax much sooner.

You can’t just kiss your partner for a few minutes and expect her to enjoy having sex…

…not to mention, orgasm.

You need to get her highly aroused and excited first, before actual penile (penetrative) sex begins.

Her entire body, from head to toe, is one big erogenous zone. So, instead of jumping to sex right away, take your time to explore every inch of her body.

Kiss her and get her hot and wet for you. Suck and caress her sensitive spots… including her ears, neck, lower back, breast, nipples, etc.

Hint: Start out slow and spend at least 20 minutes on foreplay. And once she’s highly aroused, you’ll have no problem bringing her to climax (orgasm) sooner.

#2 – Have her blow you before actual penetration (optional)

This is important especially if you have a problem lasting longer in bed.

This way you get to relax and allow your mind and body to get accustomed to the level of arousal. So that when you start having sex you’re not going to blow your load sooner than you wanted.

Plus, if you do blow your load during fellatio, further stimulation of your penis (fellatio) will help you achieve another erection in a few minutes. And you’re going to last longer when you start having sex.

#3 – Give her a clitoral orgasm before you start having sex

Personally, the best time to have sex with your girl is after she has experienced a clitoral orgasm via oral sex, or clitoral stimulation by hand.


Because, by achieving a clitoral orgasm, she’ll be intensely aroused and MORE ORGASMIC during actual intercourse. And therefore, can easily experience another orgasm (possibly a vaginal orgasm) sooner.

So now that she’s dripping wet with her own juices after the heavy foreplay, go down on her and give her a clitoral orgasm. (Become masterfully at giving her oral sex and driving her crazy with your mouth, your lips, and your tongue.)

Now, here’s the problem, though…

Most women are self-conscious. They’re not comfortable with a guy seeing, tasting and smelling them down there. So she might not be receptive with your face between her legs.

To break this barrier, take a shower together beforehand. It will make her feel fresher and more comfortable with her body.

And while at it, you can even turn her on and get her sexually excited by stroking her genitals with a soapy hand.

Hint: After giving her a clitoral orgasm, finger her to a vaginal orgasm. [Learn how to finger your girl to orgasmic ecstasy]

#4 – Take your time during intercourse

After giving her a clitoral orgasm via oral sex or your finger if you so wish, and perhaps fingering her to a vaginal orgasm, start having sex.

Don’t rush it, take your time…

You want her to get accustomed to the feeling of having you inside her.

So slowly penetrate her and give her some time to really start feeling you inside her. And then build a nice rhythm.

As the sex progresses, she’ll prefer pounding her faster. Especially when she’s nearing a climax.

#5 – Not all sex positions will get her off

Sure, it will feel good for your woman when your penis is gliding back and forth inside her. But this motion alone probably won’t increase her arousal level to the point where she will climax.

The most sensitive area in the vagina that will make her climax is on the front vaginal wall, about 1-2 inches. This area is wondrously sensitive because this is where the G-spot is.

The G-spot triggers DEEP orgasms, and possibly ejaculation (female ejaculation a.k.a. squirting) when fully aroused and stimulated.

So, when having sex, adapt positions that will make it easier for you to rub against the G-spot.

In other words, angle your ‘soldier’ so that ‘he’ is pointing towards her belly button. And as you thrust back and forth, you’ll be rubbing against her orgasmic spot and she’ll be climaxing in no time.

#6 – There’s another orgasm spot deep inside her love tunnel…

…known as the A-spot, this orgasm spot is also located deep inside the vagina on the front wall. About 3-4 inches near the cervix.

Stimulating or hitting this spot with your penis head will give her a powerful orgasm in only 1-2 minutes. Plus, it will get her juice flowing and get her more lubricated in as little as 5-10 seconds.

So, when you’re thrusting deep, concentrate on hitting this orgasmic spot.

#7 – Constant clitoral stimulation is required during sex

Though your woman might orgasm via penetrative sex alone, constant clitoral stimulation is required to intensify her sexual pleasure and trigger an orgasm.

The clitoris is the powerhouse of pleasure. And stimulating it during sex will cause your woman to have orgasms consistently.

As you’re performing deep penetration when you’re on top, press your pubic bone against her clitoris and rub against it in a circular motion.

This will provide enough friction against her clitoris and prime her for an orgasm.

You can also pull out during sex to give her oral stimulation.

Understand: ALWAYS use lots of lubrication or saliva when stimulating the clitoris

#8 – Don’t neglect her erogenous zones

Never stop sucking and caressing her erogenous zones during intercourse.

Just because you’re enjoying yourself down there doesn’t mean you should stop paying attention to her body.

Don’t stop kissing her neck, massaging her thighs and buttocks, sucking on her nipples, etc.

#9 – Lady’s first, gentleman

As with a chivalrous custom, “ladies first”, the same is true when it comes to satisfying a woman during sex.

Women crave vaginal orgasms… the one they get from penetration.

So, to ensure your woman reaches orgasm from penetration, you need to have total control of your penis.

Delay your orgasm until after your woman has achieved hers.

Delaying your orgasm will build up your sexual tension and desire. And when you eventually ejaculate, it will undoubtedly lead to a longer, stronger, and explosive orgasm.

This can be a little bit difficult, especially when you suffer from premature ejaculation.

So, it is important you slow down when you feel like you’re about to ejaculate. Else your woman may never get the chance to reach an orgasm.

(If you suffer from premature ejaculation or you blow your load sooner than you want, I strongly recommend you check out these two resources: Ejaculation by Command and Extreme Stamina. It will be of TREMENDOUS help to your sex life.)

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#10 – If you can’t last longer, finger her to vaginal orgasms

Again, as mentioned earlier, the G-spot is along the upper wall of the vagina… about 1-2 inches past her vaginal opening.

If you feel like you’re about to ejaculate before your woman has achieved her orgasm, pull out and stimulate the G-spot or A-spot with your finger.

#11 – She can have multiple orgasms and it will make her sexually addicted to you

A woman, so unique in her sexuality, has the ability to experience more than one orgasm in a single sex session.

Unlike men, women don’t need a refractory period. So they’re able to stay aroused for longer after their first orgasm. And climax again and again with little effort.

Once she is in the orgasmic state, her body will naturally want to have another orgasm and then another.

So when she orgasms, stay inside her and let her cool down. While at it, keep her sexualized by focusing your attention on her erogenous zones, like her breasts, nipples and other hot spots.

After this brief interval, return to having sex and get ready for her next orgasm. Give it to her hard and fast and drive her to orgasms after orgasms.

#12 – Don’t change positions if you can tell she’s about to orgasm

Wait until she has the orgasm, then change to whatever position you desire.

Constantly changing sex position too much can cause your woman to lose the ‘build up’ to her orgasm.

And that means it will take her longer to reach climax.

So take confidence in that fact that just one position can give her an orgasm (and even multiple orgasms) and stick to it for longer.

So there you have it… how to have sex.

You CAN’T learn how to have sex from porn

If you’re looking to learn how to have sex and give your woman an orgasm, porn movies are not the right place to do it.

The only reason porn exists is so that men can masturbate to it.

As simple as that…

Personally, it’s a made-up fantasy story. And it’s not how real love making looks like.

So if you think you can learn how to have sex and become a better lover by replicating the moves you see in porn… you’re dead wrong!

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Let’s re-cap: How to have sex

  • A woman needs to be fully aroused before you start having sex with her.
  • Spend at least 20 minutes on foreplay to get her hot and wet for you.
  • Have her give you a BJ to help you relax and accustomed to the level of arousal so that you don’t blow your load early.
  • Give your girl a clitoral orgasm before you start having sex.
  • After giving her a clitoral orgasm, slowly penetrate her and give her some time to really start feeling you inside her.
  • When having sex, adapt positions that will make it easier for you to rub against the G-spot.
  • There’s another orgasm spot deep inside her vagina... about 3-4 inches near the cervix. Focus on hitting this area and she will experience a powerful orgasm.
  • Stimulate her clitoris as you make love to your woman. This will intensify her sexual pleasure and make her orgasm consistently.
  • Never stop sucking and caressing her erogenous zones during intercourse. Especially her breast and nipples.
  • The best orgasm for a woman usually comes from penetration. So delay your orgasm until after she experiences one.
  • If you can’t last longer, finger her to vaginal orgasms.
  • To get a woman sexual addicted to you and beg you for sex, you need to give her multiple orgasms.
  • Don’t change positions if you can tell she’s about to orgasm.
  • You can’t learn how to have sex by watching porn. They only exist so that you can masturbate to it.

Now, this’s how to have sex.


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