If you are experiencing muscle cramps, numbness, headaches or dizziness, you may have poor circulation. A properly functioning circulatory system is crucial to overall health and vitality. If you are experiencing circulatory issues, it is critical that you learn how to increase circulation.

Blood circulation enables the transport of oxygen and nutrients to cells, as well as the removal of harmful waste products from the body. When circulation is compromised, our organs do not receive the right amount of oxygen and nutrients they need to function properly, which alters the balance within our body. When there’s an imbalance in our body, conditions and ailments may arise. This may include vertigo, carpal tunnel, hemorrhoids, eye problems, and cold hands and feet. The first step to wellness and health is to learn how to increase blood circulation.

How to improve circulation with natural remedies

When looking for ways to improve blood circulation, people will arrive at several options. One is over-the-counter drugs. While these drugs do improve blood pressure, they do not address the root cause of the problem. Hence, the relief they provide is temporary. Drugs also have harmful side effects, such as liver damage, dizziness, and constipation.

If you are looking for a safe and effective solution on how to improve circulation, consider alternative remedies such as garlic, bilberry, and motherwort. Garlic is a blood thinner, so it can dilute blood clots that may lead to circulatory system issues. Hawthorn improves heart functions. Cayenne pepper boosts circulation. You can have all the benefits of these natural remedies and many more in a bottle of Heart and Body Extract. Unlike conventional medicines, this herbal remedy addresses the root causes of the problem and restores the body’s PH balance. It also blends the healing properties of different herbs, providing you multiple benefits with every use.

How to improve blood circulation with exercise

Stretching exercises and yoga improve circulation by increasing blood flow to your muscles. Aerobic exercises strengthen your heart, making it more efficient when pumping blood. The American Heart Association recommends exercising 30 minutes five days a week to maintain a well-functioning circulatory system.

How to improve circulation with diet

The bioflavonoids found in fruits and vegetables stimulate blood flow, while lycopene prevents a build-up of toxins and plaque in the arterial walls. It is also recommended that you consume more nuts, fish, and other healthy foods that contain minerals and nutrients the body needs to perform its best.

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