Selling a product is slightly more difficult than selling it from a store. Reason being, a lot of people still don’t feel its secure to make purchasing online, not having a credit card/debit card, unsure about product, etc. The reasons could be numerous. Despite all of that people are losing their inhibitions and buying online.

When you are an online seller, there are thousands of ideas that make round in your brain in order to increase sales. Not all of them are pratical but brilliant, yes.

Lets look at some precautions that are easy and probably the same one’s you are following but time to make them effective.

# When a user lands on your website, don’t push them away by confusing them with multiple products. Let them focus. Don’t clutter your page, keep it simple. A homepage should be user friendly, approachable and non-confusing. Adding headlines, briefs about your product or services, using bullets, etc. will make it easier for a user. A neat and clean website is a positive approach.

# Images look more attractive than content. Not everyone enjoys reading, so its better to engage the user with attractive and appealing images. That doesn’t imply that you don’t use text at all, keep it brief.

# Present yourself well. Maintain a proper about us column, not as fancy as your facebook or orkut profile but equally informative. A user would like to know you, before they buy something from your website. Be treansparent, that is the quickest way to form a trustworthy relationship. It doesn’t influence the sales directly but definitely forms an impact on the user.

# Real testimonials guide the user better. Too much praise makes it look unreal. No one believes ‘ I LOVE YOUR WEBSITE’ or ‘ YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST’ . Such testimonials scream “I’m fake” loud. Avoid placing likewise testimonials, instead ask your customers to provide genuine recommendation on professional websites like LinkedIn or make an official facebook page and build it. It is more believable.

# Did you know that Youtube is the second most popular search engine. As stated earlier, people don’t like reading much. Videos on the website will do just the right trick for you.

# Be responsive of negative comments and feedback on the website. This is a tried and tested trick on a lot of websites, happy customers will come to your rescue.

# Do not, under any circumstances, place yourself too high. Always address as ‘we ‘ or ‘our’ and not ‘I’ or ‘me’ while conversing to a customer. Focus on your visitors and not yourself.

# Come up with discounts, promotional offers, offer additional bonus for free etc. This is a great technique for user engagement. Sometimes a 10% discount is more than suffice for a customer to click on the buy button.

# Give user sometime to browse through your website, to analyse you and your product. So don’t put BUY tab, right in their faces by placing it on the homepage. Give them the liberty and time to choose your services.

# FOLLOW UPS – Make it a point to follow up with existing prospects on a regular basis to ensure connectivity with the client. Don’t let the client forget your product/services. Send automated emails on a weekly or monthly basis. This doesn’t mean that you should spam their inbox, follow a schedule and you might just receive the required attention.

Following these tips has increased Online sales for many sellers. Hope it does for you too. Please provide your feedback on the same.

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