Many of us have hard times keeping relations. Here are a couple of tips on how to keep your woman happy. These steps are fairly basic, all you need, is to follow these simple steps and you are off to building robust relationships.

1- You want to begin with making sure you're emotionally stable. Do not start a brand new relationship after you split up. Rebound relationships aren't recommended. Confirm when you start a brand new relationship you are completely emotionally healthy and truly happy with yourself.

2- The key to a healthy relationship is being you. Being confident with yourself, attracts woman very much . Everyone is created uniquely. When you learn to accept and love yourself, you may start to attract and draw people to you. Who wants to be trapped by someone who is always insecure? Nobody does. So always be yourself!

3- One of the most significant keys to a relationship is communication. You will keep your woman happy when you really listen to her and are sensitive towards her emotions. Women like to feel that you care about how they feel. We may not always agree about particular things but when you listen to your woman's opinion and value her thoughts, she will also listen to you also.

4- Treat your woman as she could be a fragile glass. Respecting your woman and loving her with kind words will draw your woman closer to you. Men like to feel honoured and respected. In order to receive, give your all to your woman. What that suggests is to love more and expect less. Submission to one another and putting each other first before yourself will strengthen your relationship.

5- Love and appreciate your woman. Remind her of how lovely she is and how much she means to you. Never stop exclaiming sweet things to your girl only at the start of your relationship but always. Everyday remind yourself about one positive thing to say to your woman and I guarantee it will bring her to smile.

6- Invest time in your relationship. Set a once-per-week date, motion picture night, dinner, or whatever it is you like doing together. Spending special time with each other allows you to draw closer to one another and create happy memories.

7- Do not ever bring up the past or assume because you have been hurt before it may occur again in your new relationship. Many folks have been hurt but learn to love and choose to love like you've never been hurt before.

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