Information on the benefits of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is being shared at an increasing pace, and the market now contains a sometimes baffling list of everything from injections, HGH sprays and patches to gelatin-based capsules and dry pills. Finding the best HGH product from a long list of retailers can be difficult. Three key factors will help ensure that the HGH purchased is a quality product that will provide benefits without dangerous side effects.

Checking the Labels

Reputable sellers should provide a link to the product's ingredient table. Check to see whether fillers have been used and whether each ingredient serves a purpose. The best HGH product providers will often provide a list of all active ingredients and a brief description of the role each plays in the mixture. Inactive ingredients should also be listed.

Assuring Consensus and Research

Though no scientific body is charged with checking the efficacy of every product on the market, independent labs often perform research on new products to verify their results. The retailer may post the results of these studies, but often it is up to the consumer to do the relevant searches. Another tactic is to check with other consumers of the product to see what they thought about it. Though the FDA does not regulate supplements, look for makers that follow FDA compliance code.

Testimonials are one source of information. The best sources are HGH forums that are actively discussing HGH. Posts should be from real users comparing experiences with different products and asking important questions about usage. A quality forum will have uncensored negative remarks occurring right alongside the positive ones. If the forum is a good one, it will be much easier to find the best HGH product.

Method of Application

Administering any supplement requires knowledge of how the compounds it contains interact with the body. HGH pills and capsules are generally not effective, because stomach acids will denature the hormone. Nasal sprays get around stomach acid by applying HGH directly to the thin membranes of the nostrils. For this reason, HGH sprays tend to be absorbed more quickly and effectively.

Injection of HGH does provide a direct path to the blood, but it carries a substantial risk. Even the best HGH product can cause irreversible side effects, should the dosage be too high. Plus, there is the downside of having to see a doctor for a prescription. Besides costing more, long-term injection at the correct dosage may still result in side effects.

Other options include oral sprays and patches. Patches suffer the same drawback as nasal sprays, presenting even more problems with absorption. Oral sprays may be the most effective, as the skin of the mouth is extremely porous, even for large molecules.

HGH has been clinically proven to offer a number of benefits, from anti-aging to improving cardiovascular health. Getting these benefits requires a high-quality supplement and a little research on the part of the consumer. The best HGH product will easily absorbed and boost natural HGH production in the body. There will be plenty of testimonials and reviews from consumers and few to no side effects presented by other users of the product. The time spent finding the best HGH product will pay off by saving money and increasing benefits.

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