How much have you doubted that manifesting money is easy? Actually it is very easy to manifest money through the Law of Attraction. But most people continue to struggle to attract money day after day.

What do you need to know about receiving the money that you desire that you don’t know now? One thing you must be aware of is that money is already abundant in the universe.

People who have difficult money circumstances function under the assumption that there isn’t enough money. Everything in their world reinforces this reality because they believe it so strongly. The Law of Attraction has no choice but to deliver what they are vibrating—scarcity, lack, difficulty and not enough money.

The Law of Attraction: What to Do to Attract Money

Before you can consciously begin manifesting money you must align yourself with money. You can only have what you first become—energetically.

Raising your vibration is a key element of the Law of Attraction. This happens whenever you feel good. Your energy gets transferred from a place of lack into a place of abundance.

The Law of Attraction: Prosperity Consciousness

People who have ease with money find it very easy to attract money. They have a completely different vibration. They are comfortable with money and feel good having it. In fact, they are prosperity conscious.

Prosperity consciousness is when you are one with the universe. You feel and recognize that money is as abundant as the air you breathe. When you are prosperity conscious, you see money all around you. Money is easy for you to see and it follows you wherever you go.

In this state you cease trying to ‘get money.’ You naturally vibrate from a place of having money. From this place you accept money as a part of your life. It supports you and adds joy to your life.

If you want to manifest money easily through the Law of Attraction, you must become prosperity conscious. To gain prosperity consciousness you have to turn your attention to the money that is in your life. Stop focusing on all the ways you are losing money, spending money and lacking money.

For the Law of Attraction to work the way you want, you must constantly keep your mind focused on wealth, prosperity and abundance.

The Law of Attraction: Questions for Attracting Money

Switch your attention to the money you do have right now. What thoughts come up about money? How are you feeling about money?

You must do whatever it takes to start feeling good about money and comfortable having it.

Here are some other questions, to ask yourself, that will guide you in attracting money:

– How much money are you earning (every day, week, month and year)?
– What dollar amount are all of your possessions and assets worth?
- Where are all the places you have money stashed away right now?
– Does anyone owe you money that you can collect?
-How much money do you have total (in your wallet, bank accounts, house, stocks, retirement accounts, etc.)?
– What do you love to do that people will pay you for?

Ask these questions even if the answers do not come to you right away. The thing to recognize is that each question creates more awareness that you can have with money.

That awareness will allow you to start feeling comfortable with money. As you become more comfortable with money, you can begin to enjoy having it and your vibration will rise higher. With your higher vibration, you will become an irresistible money magnet.

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