It can be very important to check your on-line shop. This sort of web sites are exposed to various virus attacks, failures and errors. These reasons could cause numerous problems, among them are: reduction of site visitors, lack of buyers, loss of earnings and a lot of other. The users of diverse platforms can find themselves in this kind of situation nearly each day and Magento users aren’t the exclusion.

Magento shop often undergoes this troubles too. But the answer has long been found! Shopping Cart Diagnostics will enable you to check your Magento platform and repair all troubles. The uniqueness of this service is that it can scan the smallest as well as the deepest components of Magento cart and supply recommendations how you can solve all bugs.

The list of ten ultra-effective instruments helps make troubleshooting much simpler and speeds up your eshop based on Magento shopping cart. These instruments provide the checking of your Magento cart configuration, DNS, availability and end user experience. With its help it is possible to test the overall performance and analyze your cart’s SEO. The other features are: protection surveillance, server environment monitoring, content check-up and e-mail verification.

The greatest news about this impeccable service is that it is partially available free of charge. The only thing you need to do is to enter URL of the Magento based online shop in special text field and press “CHECK NOW” button. The service will automatically redirect you and begin to check your Magento store. The speed of checking is very high. You'll be able to see the checklist of normal and problematic elements of your Magento store.

You're able to purchase two types of diagnostics: Deep Diagnostics and Permanent Monitoring. With Deep Diagnostics your Magento shopping cart is going to be checked much more precise. This feature opens a highly developed error searching and allows you to keep your web store always in good trim.

The Permanent Monitoring enables you to investigate your website activity every time you desire. Track the availability and end-user experience within your Magento on-line shop. The tools of Shopping Cart Diagnostics are worth getting. All you may need is to follow 3 simple steps to make your e-store safe and sound and serviceable.

This service supports 8 more platforms that enables to find and fix bugs in the most popular platforms that are used as a base of different internet shops. The Shopping Cart Diagnostics is an innovation that opens new approaches to saving the protection of eCommerce and providing really very good performance of each and every owner’s on-line store.

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