Meeting your soul mate isn’t hard. All right, yes it is. It’s hard because finding a soul mate has nothing to do with how good you look, dating services, blind dates, what you wear, how much money you earn or how sexy you are.

Relationships Reveal

Yes, the feelings of love and the experience of sex are great but the result of two multi-layered, physical, mental and emotional beings coming together, cohabiting and connecting causes deeper layers of the unconscious self to arise. It is the lack of self-awareness and the ability to navigate what rises within us that prevents a compatible enriching soul mate from finding us.

Relationships require us to give of our entire being. Our entire being contains all the light and dark that exists within us. Oftentimes, it requires interaction in a relationship to reveal the darkness within us. The question is what do you do once the darkness rises.

The Key is Self-Knowledge

Self knowledge is based on:

1) A dedication to living and recognizing truth as an expression of love
2) Knowing what our needs are
3) How to articulate those needs
4) The life-long skill of letting go of what doesn’t matter.

Know Why You Want a Relationship

The question is: what are the authentic reasons behind your desire for a relationship. If it is to avoid self-responsibility then a compatible enriching soul mate will feel this and walk away. Instead, you will attract a different kind of soul mate that will reflect “avoiding responsibility,” resulting in a lot of unhappiness as you continue struggling with the darkness inside of you.

Practice Being a Soul Mate Attractor

If you really want to find a life partner, stop looking. Instead, devote yourself to practicing:
1. Clearing out your darkness through deepening your self-understanding.
2. Expressing your truth and speaking from a place of love for others and yourself.
3. Honoring your needs.
4. Unconditional self-acceptance.
5. Creating a new relationship to relationships that serves your soul.

All of this transforms you into a compatible soul mate attractor who will reflect your truth, love, tolerance and acceptance to those that you meet.

One day, you will be walking somewhere or doing something and they will just show up.

You are destined to meet them, if you believe it. In the meantime, keep the faith, always come from love and do your work so you will know them when they appear.

Author's Bio: 

In 1993, Sheldon’s passion for health and healing was ignited when he began working with physical therapists in orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation settings. It was here that he learned of his ability as a healer.

In 1997, he graduated from the University of Buffalo with a degree in Exercise Science. He then moved to New York City to become the Fitness Manager and one of the top personal trainers at Equinox Fitness 63rd Street Club. To truly provide the high level service he felt himself capable of, Sheldon was certified as an energy healer. This experiential education began his personal journey into the inner world and what it means to be human.

With an open mind and heart, he created an out-of-the-box approach to health which lead to the development of a specialized set of skills and abilities to help others balance their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual elements. He quickly learned that his approach addressed many health problems and conditions.

In 2004, he moved to Florida and provided his work called DeStress Therapy™ to cancer survivors, clients with Multiple Sclerosis and residents at several condominium communities how to relax, improve their health and move with more ease.

In 2006, Sheldon continued his practice as the Director of Fitness for the Point of Aventura, a full service spa and fitness facility.

In 2009, Sheldon became the Guest Services Manager for the pre-opening of Canyon Ranch, a world renowned, five star spa and hotel in Miami Beach. After developing, training, and managing the Program Advising Department, Sheldon was asked to join the Canyon Ranch Health and Healing department in the position of Healing Energy Practitioner.

In February of 2010, he joined the staff at Zoetry’s Parisio de la Bonita five-star resort in Cancun, Mexico where he became part of the wellness program working with guests to achieve skills to calm their nervous system and empower them to eliminate stress, pain, and anxiety.

Relocating to the Palm Springs area in 2011, Sheldon provided his services to several five star country clubs that included: Thunderbird, Tradition, Ironwood and Trilogy.

In 2011, Sheldon wrote the novel, “Evolution’s Hero” a self-help fantasy novel designed to help individuals and the Collective heal through the power of story.

He now resides in San Antonio, Texas with his fiancé Sheri Keys and together they have opened the DeStress Institute™, whose mission is to provide personal empowerment services to individuals and groups interested in exploring and attaining higher levels of health, transformation and self-exploration. To contact Sheldon email,