What I learned at Spirit Quest camp……

An Online Study Program presented at the Universal Life Church Seminary.

There’ve been quite a few important things I have been learning over the 30 weeks of this Spiritual Study Class that it really is impossible to decide exactly where tobegin. The initial parts that I was impressed by with regards to lessons was that there finally were a way to express what I was feeling. There was a method to communicate these spiritual concepts to people I know who wanted to comprehend that which I believed as well as the things I had been accomplishing. The problem was that I couldn’t express properly the right words, mental image pictures, and thoughts that ended up making our communication hard. The changes contained in Soul Ages could clarify the reason it is so hard for me to explain things to certain people. It truly is difficult to aid a young person understand what you have learned as a grown up. The child doesn’t have the vocabulary or experience to see situations in the same way. It's unbelievably difficult to help a young person to comprehend growing as a with the universe when they're still trying to comprehend that they are really a separate individual. Pondering of the world with this in mind has made me exercise extra patience along with comprehension when explaining things to others.

The second discourse that made an impact was the one on letting go of the frustration– Forgiveness. I cannot alter what others have done to me. I am unable to make someone make amends for hurts or offenses that I felt. I can however, keep from letting them put their hooks into me. Mostly, it truly is under my control what energy I allow to affect me. There are strategies you can use to clear the energies for me and I have discovered that it is my job to make this happen on the regular basis. The best way to stay in good health is to take care of your self. An example from my own life of this about a cousin We have who, before the class, I couldn’t as much as hear her name with out becoming infuriated. By releasing the angry energy I was directing towards her and releasing the buttons I had allowed which let her in, I've arrived to a place of peace when I happen to think of her. I was also able to maintain a polite conversation together with her for the entire last time I visited my grandparent’s. There are stilla good deal of buttons about her that bother me, but with no the angry energy there I can see that most of what annoys me was just the mistakes a young soul will make as they are trying to mature. Not every adult you meet is grown up. Some individuals take more time than other people to get there. All we will do is offer to you assistance along with help them discover the rest is up to them.

The third point was the idea of utilizing the grounding cord on places as well as things. I knew I could remove foreign energy from people and things but right up until the lessons I had never consideredusing a grounding cord on meeting rooms or buildings or the land. I work together with a group of people that have a lot of dominant personalities. Because I began connecting the grounding cords to the meeting rooms before the meetings, we have been able to conduct much more productive meetings along with get the troubles resolved without the need of it becoming a clash of wills.

A final issue to add was that others have commented upon a difference in me. My mom has noticed that I seem calmer and appear to be more in control. She mentioned that I am much more sure of myself. My immediate boss and co-workers have also noticed a difference also, but they feel it is because I have been slimming down and look and, therefore, feel more confident. It helps to know that you will find others out there that feel that every spiritual belief system has a valid point and that we don’t have to agree on every thing to be supportive of each other.

All of this and more did I learn taking the Spirit Quest Course from the Universal Life Church Seminary, Master of Metaphysics.

Rev Amy Long has written an outstanding program on Spiritual Growth and Psychic Tools. It's made available from the Universal Life Church Seminary..

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Amy is the President of the ULC Seminary and author of multiple books and courses on ceremonies and various spiritual belief systems.