Bathroom is an important room in your house where you can unwind and relax. It’s a nice place where you can spend some good moments with nice bubble bath and some scented candles. Modern bathrooms can now be transformed into classic indoor spas, where you can start your day with an enjoyable bath and surely the rest of your day will be happy-go-lucky! Do what you feel like, sing your favorite song and forget about the world!

Before re-designing your bathroom, one should plan their budget, get only those things that are useful for your bathroom and don’t buy any unnecessary items. The room should be well-planned and compact. A bathroom that is well-designed with accessories and adequate lighting will give a new and refreshing look. Today there is a wide range of accessories and fittings that are easily available in the market like bathroom cubicles, restroom panels and toilet accessories. They are made using compact laminates and are available in various color hues. They provide better durability and performance and are easy to maintain.

Colors can’t be ignored while remodeling your bathroom as they play a vital role in any room décor. Don’t be afraid to experiment! Try different colors, patterns and textures and use different combinations for a brighter effect. Warm colors such as red, orange and yellow invoke a feeling of warmth.

Storage is a factor that is most often ignored in bathroom, so while remodeling use cabinets and restroom panels that are stowed in the bathroom. It will make your bathroom compact and more functional. Use small cabinets where you can store all your towels and other bathroom essentials so that there won’t be any unnecessary clutter lying around!

Lighting is an essential element in bathrooms so as to give a soothing and relaxing ambience. People usually have a bulb hanging above the bathroom mirrors and that is it! This is the most unflattering type of lighting; use ambient, ascent and decorative lighting. It gives a unique and personal touch to your bathroom and brings some bright element in your room!

Greenlam offers some cool options to make your bathroom look stylish and compact. A bathroom that is functional and modern; adept with all the modern facilities. Use bathroom cubicles and restroom panels for greater durability in your bathroom. It brings a fresh element in your space and gives it a new and attractive look. Use toilet accessories that are available in different types to add pizazz to your bathroom!

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