A large percentage of pregnant women are on the lookout for ways to eliminate stretch marks. This is because most women develop these skin ruptures during and after their pregnancy. Stretch marks are scars that develop in the deeper layers of the skin due to the fraying of collagen fibers. Repetitive stress and tension in the structure of the skin can cause the dermis to break, causing marks to appear on the surface.

What causes the the skin fibre to break?

Any activity or body function that causes excessive stress and stretches the skin beyond its natural elasticity can cause skin fibers to break. Pregnant women, adolescent teenagers, and men and women who have gained or lost weight rapidly are the ones most affected.

How can we eliminate stretch marks?

Stretch marks are more or less inevitable for most people and there is hardly anything one can do about it. The type of collagen, elastin and skin you have inherited also often determines whether you are more likely to get these marks or not. The good news is that these marks fade out with time; however, the textural change in the skin does not improve. The best way to deal with these marks is to try and keep the skin moisturized to reduce the severity of its appearance. A proper and healthy diet, regular exercise and intake of water are some of the lifestyle changes one can adopt to keep these marks at a minimum.

The sooner these marks are treated, the better are the chances of removing them. Some of the ways to eliminate stretch marks are as follows:

Start Early: To eliminate stretch marks, the best way would be to start early. You would find it difficult to reduce these marks, once they pass the initial stage where they are red, purple, pink or brown in color.

Keep your skin hydrated: Take good care of your skin by eating right and drinking lots of water. Moisturizers containing cocoa butter and grape seed oil, and creams containing vitamin E, aloe vera, jojoba and avocado can also be applied on these marks.

Use specially formulated creams and lotions: You can massage the affected area with specifically formulated stretch mark creams and moisturizing lotions that fade the marks out. There are some reputable laboratories and pharmaceutical companies bringing out some high-end products that noticeably reduce the appearance, depth, color and depression of these marks.

Go for laser surgery: You can also opt for laser surgery to remove stretch marks; a laser surgery would remodel the underlying layers of the skin and boost the promotion of collagen and elastin. However, such an option would be somewhat costly as compared to the other cures for stretch marks. This is because it is treated as a cosmetic procedure and is usually not covered by insurance.

The bottom line is that it might be difficult to remove stretch marks altogether. However, you can see a remarkable improvement in your skin color and texture by trying out the procedures mentioned earlier.

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