How to stop ejaculating too soon? This question is common among men who suffer from premature ejaculation. Let me reveal this to you. You are not alone. 40% of men suffer from this problem. But this condition is curable.

Don't focus on the question of "how to stop ejaculating too soon?" Focus on the solution not the problem. Let me disclose the key to end this problem. You should "arouse" your female partner first before you reach climax.

So, to prevent premature ejaculation, you need to focus on stimulating her and building up her arousal.

Here are the proven strategies on how to stop ejaculating too soon and give her a long passionate sex experience tonight!

First, let her go on top

Instead of the standard missionary position, let her get on top of you during sex.

With this "cowgirl" position, she will have a total control over the speed and intensity of penetration.

That way, you are able to relax and reduce the tension that you experience in your muscle.

When you are less stressed, you can take better control of your arousal level and your ejaculation.

With her on top of you, you'll also be able to stimulate her by caressing her fully grown breasts and touching her clitoris gently.

When you focus on her instead of your own sexual pleasure, you will be able to last longer in bed. This is one of the key ways on how to stop ejaculating too soon.

Second, perform oral sex on her

Nothing can arouse a woman more than oral sex. You can help your woman to reach climax quickly by performing oral sex on her.

For variation, build in some fun when doing this. For example, play "seek and hide" when you are at home. Whoever found by the other one will perform oral sex on that person - and make sure you are the one who gets to perform oral sex on her most of the time!

When you perform oral sex on her, try to write different letters with your tongue. From my experience, the letter "i" stimulates a woman the most.

Repeat the oral sex for a few times. In no time, she will be panting and mourning in ecstasy, begging you to enter her.

When she reaches that stage and is ready for you to enter her, do so with a peace of mind. You need not worry about how to stop ejaculating too soon as at that point in time, she is ready and could not wait for you to enter her and ejaculate.

Third, wear a penis ring

Do you know that most women like a hard penis? It stimulates her more than what she can say?

In fact, a hard penis is one of the answers to "how to stop ejaculating too soon", and a penis ring is what you need to help hardening your penis during sex.

A penis ring reduces the volume of blood draining out of your erection. That will keep you harder for a longer period of time without resulting in an early ejaculation.

A hard penis gives the woman intense sensations and keep her aroused faster than ever. When she's aroused and lubricated, enter her with your hard penis. Then thrust her slowly and gently, followed with a faster motion and ejaculate when she is ready.

If you can follow the above advice, you would no longer need to wonder "how to stop ejaculating too soon" because it will never be "too soon". Your woman is ready for you! You just need to give her what she wants. Enter her, thrust her and ejaculate with a peace of mind! Try out the above methods and have her begging for more!

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