Orgasm during sleep, else known as nocturnal emission or wet dream is a kind of sexual response seen in men. Excess of semen in body and presence of erotic thoughts before going to bed are some of the main causes for the formation of orgasms during sleep. A number of physical and psychological factors play key roles in the formation of orgasms during sleep. If no treatment is provided in earlier stages of this disorder, it may even lead to the condition of infertility. Excessive orgasms during sleep cause physical and mental weakness. Memory problems, dizziness, joint pains and insomnia are some of the risk factors of orgasms during sleep. Today, lots of health supplements are easily available in market for curing orgasms. Let’s see how to stop orgasms during sleep?

Intake of NF cure capsule is a best recommended medicine to stop orgasms during sleep. It is a composition of ingredients with cooling, aromatic and anti-aging activity. Some of the key ingredients included for the preparation of NF cure capsules include mucuna prurient, asphaltum punjabinum, ferrum, piper longum, saffron and asparagus racemosus. Usage of NF cure capsules as per the guidance of physician helps in stopping orgasms during sleep. It is a powerful aphrodisiac and boosts your energy levels. Curing erectile dysfunction, alleviating joint pains and curing premature interjection are other benefits of taking NF cure capsules.

Intake of milk added with drumstick flowers is one of the best suggested cures for stopping orgasms during sleep. You can easily make a medicinal soup by adding 15 gms of drumstick flowers in 250 ml of milk. To sweeten the mixture, you can also add honey to the soup. Intake of this herbal health tonic helps in enhancing energy and improving immune system. It is one among effective remedies for the treatment of impotency. Intake of raisins along with milk is another natural way to stop orgasms during sleep. You can easily prepare health supplement from raisins by boiling some black raisins in milk. Inclusion of more concentration of chopped carrot and white onion is another natural remedy to stop orgasms during sleep.

Intake of extracts of mucuna prurient is a commonly suggested herbal cure to stop orgasm during sleep. Mucuna prurient, best known as momordica charantia or velvet bean is an effective herbal medicine for improving the health and stamina of your body. It has been used for centuries in the preparation of vivid ayurvedic Indian medicines. Today, the herb medicinal products made from mucuna prurient are commonly available in market in the form of dried leaves, tea powders and as extracts. Inclusion of more concentration of dried dates and almonds in diet is another simple technique to stop orgasms during sleep. Patients with orgasms during sleep are also advised to take a bath in relaxant oil added water. Chamomile oil and lavender oil are some of the examples of relaxant oils used for calming down nerve cells. Inclusion of garlic and ginger in food items are other recommended cures to stop orgasms during sleep.

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