I suggest every puppy owner is aware of the problems of being on the receiving end of their puppies biting from the puppies sharp pin like teeth, and I wonder how many puppy owners is aware that dog obedience needs to start at the earliest opportunity within the puppies life.
For any puppy certainly in the puppies early weeks of life the attempts of deterring the puppy from biting and nipping can be not only a major problem but also an impossible challenge, not just for the puppy but also for the owner because we should all know that a puppies biting and nipping can start to be an expression of fun, but in reality the biting or nipping must be eliminated very quickly to avoid ongoing problems.
But let’s be perfectly honest and remind ourselves that biting or nipping for a very young puppy is a natural and essential phase to go through, especially when the young puppy is teething.
Puppies in general will need no encouragement in sinking their sharp needle-like teeth into just about anything and everything during this teething stage, including your hands and your feet, sometimes we owners need to be forced to have a reality check, as sometimes we are convinced that we have bought a wolf in puppies fur, instead of the beautiful cuddly little puppy we all was eagerly awaiting its arrival into the family.
The news that we cuddly puppy owners are eager to know is that most cuddly puppies can be trained to minimize if not eliminate the cuddly puppies biting or nipping, although the sooner you start the training in bite inhibition (puppies having a soft mouth stage) the easier it will become to the delight of all concerned.
How to eliminate puppy biting problems?
There are many effective training methods to eliminate your puppies biting behavioral problems:
• Never punish your puppies bad behavior by slapping the puppy in the face, this punishment will never be successful as your puppy will only think you are playing, or at worst the puppy will become afraid of you – physically punishing the puppy would probably lead to developing even more nastier problems that just play biting or play nipping.
• The generally accepted rule to eliminate puppy biting problems is to always reward or at the least encourage good and acceptable behavior – search for dog obedience training items – available videos or books can be purchased from online stores – The Dog Lovers Website.
• While in the process of training your puppy to discouraging your puppy from biting or nipping, never be tempted to play ‘tug of war’, ‘wrestling’ or other chasing type games with the puppy – as these physical activities reinforces the biting and nipping type activity.
• Whenever you decided to start training of the puppy it must be accepted by the puppy owner that all reinforcing of good behavior must always be consistent – never allow the puppy to creep into bad behavior or inconsistent behavior for any reason – never turn a blind eye to your puppies bad behavior – consistency is always a priority.
• At all stages and including with the bad behavior associated with your puppies biting and nipping, if you fail to reinforce to the puppy that biting and nipping is not acceptable, the puppy will not be aware he or she is doing something wrong – it is ultimately you who must in the first instance to ensure the puppy is aware that their behavior is wrong and not acceptable – don’t expect the puppy to recognize bad behavior.
• Beware! In the extreme your puppy may be biting and nipping as an attempt to assert their dominance over you and even in the short term this extreme trait can become dangerous if not stopped immediately.
• When you are confronted with a dominant puppy the biting and nipping will be the beginning of many behavioral problems.
A tried and tested way to stop your puppy biting and nipping.
• If you can identify the biting and nipping problem in the puppies early stages then this being possibly the most easiest stage to divert the puppies attention from biting its owner and encouraging the puppy to bite and nip to a chew bone or a toy – again you must be consistent with your puppy by reinforcing the puppies good behavior with kind words and rewards.
• Adversely, whenever the puppy attempts to bite your hand or other parts of your anatomy, then be very firm by saying a firm ‘No’ and replace your fingers with the chew bone or toy – consistency is of paramount importance, and puppies like children will always ‘test the boundaries’ but it’s for you to ‘set the boundaries in stone’.
I am aware there are many more tried and tested ways to stop your puppy biting and nipping, but I prefer your comments to expand on this article, as we all can share our experience and expertise and increase the knowledge of all involved in this Blogging Website.

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Worked for many years within the youth justice and youth offending teams where he was a project manager, responsible to the law courts system for diverting the post court young people from further participating in criminal activity.