While Urticaria or hives can become a serious medical condition and difficult to treat, you can easily manage and treat minor episodes of hives with the use of natural solutions such as essential oils. This is a simple way for you to learn how to treat hives as essential oils can effectively bring fast relief to itchy skin and relieve stress and cleanse your liver.

Those who have experienced hives would easily agree that there are just a few other conditions that are more unpleasant than experiencing itchiness of the skin and skin rash that is hard to get rid of. In most instances, urticaria is self-limiting and can be resolved without any treatment within a few hours. However, there are cases where hives will persist for six weeks or longer. The good news is that you can easily control hives by using essential oils.

Basic Facts about Hives

Hives appear as raised skin or swollen welts which are sensitive and itchy. This skin condition may either be whitish or reddish in color. It can occur in the face or body. These skin welts may be replaced by new ones when the old ones disappear. You have a chronic type of urticaria if the condition becomes recurrent or persists for six weeks or longer. This should be taken seriously if you have this chronic condition as it could possibly be triggered by a more serious medical condition such as lupus, thyroid disease or hepatitis.

Major Causes of Hives

There is no standard diagnostic protocol for hives cases and the assessment of the condition will be on case to case basis. However, we have to understand that hives is the response of the body to specific allergens like pollen, dust, paint fumes, soap or shampoo, latex or food. Hives can also be triggered by temperature ranges, emotional stress, and stimulus to our skin, an active infection and immune system imbalance.

Treatment of Hives

Hives is not life-threatening, but it can be an extremely unpleasant experience. You have to seek medical help if the allergy is accompanied by dizziness or difficulty of breathing. On the other hand, if you are suffering from a mild case of hives and the triggers or hive causes are difficult to pinpoint then you can opt for natural solutions like the use of essential oils.

Essential oils and herbal extracts have long been used in treating a slew of skin problems. You can use specific types of essential oils in managing the symptoms associated to hives. You simply apply the essential oil on the affected area of the skin and get instant relief from the rash and itchiness.

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