How to Write a Cover Letter for Accounting Job

The accounting field provides a wide range of job opportunities to fresher and experienced candidates. Although the basic nature of all the accounting jobs is same, there are different positions in this field. The field of accounting is expanding quickly and there are many developments being made in the field. It is a structured and organized field. When applying for the accounting position in any company, your accounting cover letter should be well organized and in a proper format. Accounting is all about maintaining the records and preparing the reports. If your cover letter is not well organized, employer will definitely consider that you are not good at maintaining the financial records.

Accounting Cover Letter

When you are applying for the accounting position, you must begin your cover letter by telling about the reason for applying for the position. Explain to the employer the things in the accounting jobs that interest you and why you find yourself suitable for this position. Accounting cover letter should say a lot about your personality and describe your professional experiences precisely.

Cover letters are written to make an initial impression on the employers. It is important to write them aptly and summarize the details correctly for better impact. The language used in the letter should be grammatically correct. Use the action words in active voice to portray your confidence and optimism.

Designing your Accounting Job Cover Letter

You can make your accounting cover letter noticeable by keeping in mind three fundamental points:

Knowledge of Field

It is important to have expertise in handling various accounting tools. You must have in detail knowledge of the subject.

Explain your Interest

Employers are always looking for the candidates those are really interested in working in the position. You need to show your interest in the applied accounting position. You can demonstrate your willingness for the job by showing your assurance and keenness to take on the entire workload.

Match your Qualifications according to the job Requirements

It is important to match your existing skills and qualifications according to the requirements of the job. Recruiting managers will prefer the candidates those have researched about the company profile before applying for the job.

Accounting Letter Format

The following accounting cover letter format will explain you how to write the cover letter for accounting positions and what to include in such letters. These letters will introduce the candidate to the employers and tell them about their suitability for the accounting position. The format for cover letter is as follows:

Cover letter is not an alternative for resume but it is written to accompany your resume when you send an application for the job. It can be said as the short version of your resume. It tells the employer why you are suitable for the job and what are your job specific qualities that separates you from other candidates. It is our first chance to make an impression on the recruiter and it should look professional.


Cover letter is generally divided in three paragraphs. The first section in the letter is generally reserved for an introduction. Here you have to introduce yourself to the employer. In this paragraph tell to the employer about the job position you are willing to seek and tell them any specific reason why you feel qualified for the position.

Next is the body of the letter. Here you can talk about the past job experiences, skills and accomplishments. Present these details in the bulleted points. This will make your details simple and easy so that employer can go through it at first instance.

At the end of the letter, express thanks the addressee for sparing their precious time and reading the letter. Read your letter once again to check the flow of information and any grammatical errors. The heading of the cover letter and the resume must be same. Mention the name of the HR manager whenever necessary.

From the above format, you will get complete idea of writing the cover letter for accounting jobs. Improve your chances of selection by designing a job specific cover letter and get noticed by the recruiter.

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