One of the best qualities of a Taurus man is his down-to-earth reliability. He can be counted on always to be the anchor in the storm. This can be a wonderful trait in a long-term relationship, but it can create some difficulty in starting a fire at first.

You will have to be the one to move things along with a Taurus man. He is more comfortable taking his time, weighing all of the evidence, sifting through the facts of the matter before making up his mind. This can be a problem on the first few dates, because you might get the impression that he is not interested in you.

Fear not. The Taurus man can be a strong and passionate partner, but he is on a slow burn. Let him take his time. Just be a warm, supportive person who doesn't seem to be in any hurry and he will be definitely take an interest in you.

Taurus men tend to be homebodies. They would prefer to stay in, make some popcorn, and watch a good film than go through the trouble of getting dressed and going out on the town. This isn't a sign of a lack of romantic notions. On the contrary, those quiet evenings at home will be some of the most satisfying and intimate moments you're likely to experience.

The bull is a strong and ego-driven creature, and so he will need a little more acquiescence than most people to keep him happy. As long as his methods aren't questioned, he is more than happy to let someone into his life.

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