When we are talking about making a man miss you, we're not simply talking about responding with behaviors that he may react to. Making a man miss you goes much deeper and as you read further, you will understand how to find and sustain the mental attitude that will make a man feel as though he is experiencing the actions of a woman who has an expansive mind.

When asked, many women will give behaviors as signs that works to activate a man's mental switch. But as you may have experienced yourself, a man may respond to these signals on a surface level but it doesn't necessarily mean that he will be activated to want to go deeper with you.

So what is it that separate the men who'll want to go deeper versus, the one who may just stay at the surface?

Looking deeper, we'll find that a man goes deeper in his feelings of attraction for a woman when the said woman goes deeper inside herself.

In other words, a man will want to scale the intrigue of the loss of your presence when you are making a conscious decision to dig deep within your soul and exude the kind of life-giving forces that are found inside.

When you go on this journey, a man will feel that there is something that is more active within your interaction and therefore miss you or want to spend more time in your presence.

You can begin right away to activate this inside switch by starting to look at one characteristic that men find appealing - authentic detachment.

In order for you to understand the opposite of this, you can think about the last time you responded to a man and humiliated yourself or he just ignored your pleas for attention.

This feeling of humiliation was born from your inner beliefs about love - lack or scarcity as if there is not enough to go around. Since there is no humiliation in real love, it must mean that you need to to cultivate a deeper authentic self love inside.

A man will not miss you if the forms of fear or anger are present in your thoughts. These will finally show themselves in your actions like anxiety, panic and worry, or manipulation.

Even if you are trying to be brave and act independent, there will be a wall there since his attraction will not be able to break through the walls of fear.

To make a man miss you, you begin to dwell upon characteristics that create energy. Energy has power and power will be released in your interactions.

Practise this today:

1. Dwell, meditate upon an experience where you felt completely loved and understood. Try to make it an experience where your man was not involved but maybe a friend, colleague, family member, or child.

2. Make this experience as alive as possible by trying to remember every single detail.

3. Don't worry if your mind wanders as it probably will. Just try to go back to this experience as often as possible throughout the day.

This initial practise will cultivate the energy of power that will help to open your soul to connect to its deeper sources.

Now, when you are in this state of mind, phone or send your man this email. Do not attempt to do this if you are not in the state of mind of feeling detached from his reaction.

"I was thinking about a time when I felt completely loved and understood and it felt perfect."

Don't expect him to respond and if he does, turn down the need to push yourself more into his mental space and dial up what you practised in the tip above.

We will go more into this another time, but for now, remember that you are perfect.

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Nicole Gayle is a Dating Success Coach who has been featured on her local television station City TV.

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