How to Overcome Obstacles to Goal Setting
                                      by Jodi-Ann Walker

When people begin setting goals, they start out feeling motivated and inspired to do great things. They are pumped and ready to go. Then after encountering obstacles, in addition to getting caught up with daily activities and responsibilities, they begin to lose interest. they lose interest.They lose interest to the extent that they completely lose all interest in pursuing their goals and ambitions. In order to avoid this, there are some tips which should be borne in mind:

Define the purpose of the goal which you desire to achieve. Many people start out making goals just for the sake of making them. They do not make the goals based on an ultimate aim or purpose in mind; hence, it is difficult to follow through with these goals. It is important to create a life purpose based on your talents, skills, and what you desire to see improved in the world around you.

Believe that you deserve to see the realization of your goals. When you struggle with low self-esteem by reciting positive life affirmations and use of self-improvement resources and tools, which could include CD's, MP3's, or books.

Having a systematic and step-by-step approach to achieving your goals. To do this, you need to break large goals down into small, manageable ones. It is easy to feel overwhelmed when attempting to tackle a goal. Therefore, it is important to integrate goal-setting into your daily routine by making a to-do list of what needs to be done for each day for each day.

Having a persistent, determined,and never-say-die attitude. You have to remember that persistence is crucial in attaining your goals. You need to resist the urge to give up despite the obstacles which appear to prevent you from achieving what you need to in life. Many times people give up just before a solution presents itself to deal with the obstacle. Many people give up just before the break through and miss out on a valuable opportunity. Remember never give up!

You need to encourage yourself when attempting to achieve your goals, even when people are not encouraging and supporting you. You need to learn to be your own cheerleader. In addition, always remember that in order to change your circumstances, you need to change. When you need to decide that you will achieve your goals then your subconscious will do everything which is needed to attract the necessary resources for the accomplishment of your goals.

Author's Bio: 

Jodi-Ann Walker is the author of Breaking Forth: Using the Light to Dispel the Darkness, which teaches persons how to use to overcome self-imposed and other limitations so that can break forth into their life purpose and realize their true potential.