How to Prevent Spreading MRSA

MRSA or methicillin resistant Staphylococcus Aureus is bacteria that cannot be killed by antibiotics. Its favored breeding ground is on the skin, inside wounds and on occasion in sputum. It is very contagious and is spread by skin on skin contact, or by touching contaminated surfaces and poor hygienic habits. Outbreaks often occur in MRSA hotspots like hospitals, nursing homes, gyms and prisons. Here are the answers to the question on how to prevent spreading MRSA

Frequently wash your hands. Frequency is as much about the process of washing hands. If you do light washing and without disinfectants, then chances are the bacteria would remain on your hands. Use warm water, scrub the front and back of the palms and fingers gently with running water and soap. This must be done before eating and after using the toilet to prevent the ingestion of the bacteria and prevent the spread of MRSA.
Clean thoroughly and disinfect. Clean toilet fixtures with antiseptic cleaner. MRSA bacteria love to live on damp surfaces that are often touched by skin. The bathroom is a favored breeding ground because they often have wet surfaces and is frequently handled by unsuspecting individuals. Use an effective disinfectant regularly on faucets and toilet fixtures to prevent the breeding and spread of MRSA.
Wound care. Clean wounded skin and cover them to prevent entry by bacteria. When MRSA bacteria enter a wound, they cause infections not only on the wound itself but also all throughout the other parts of the body. Cleaning the wound with antiseptic and dressing them prevents infection from developing. Also, properly dispose gauze or cotton buds used to clean wounds, as these can become breeding grounds for MRSA.
Never share. Avoid sharing or borrowing personal care items like tweezers, razors and nail nippers. These come in contact with the skin and thus become carriers for MRSA. By borrowing or sharing these tools, you can either contract MRSA unto your skin or infect another person. Keep these items exclusive to prevent the spreading of MRSA.
General etiquette. When using common equipment, like gym exercise machines, do wipe it down to prevent contamination. MRSA thrives on warm moist surfaces, like bench press foam. One way on how to prevent spreading of MRSA is to have a disinfected paper towel ready to wipe the sweat prone areas.
Avoid Contact. When visiting a person who has been determined as in contact isolation, wear gloves when touching them. The contact isolation warning means they are MRSA infected and by touching them you are allowing yourself to become infected or become a carrier. So by wearing gloves and gown, you limit the possibility of contamination. This is one of the ways on how to prevent spreading of MRSA.

These are but simple ways on how to prevent spreading of MRSA. Do remember that antibiotics have little or no effect on the MRSA once it enters the body. So the most important way to handle this disease is by prevention. A little discipline, a little disinfectant and a lot of foresight can help you on how to prevent spreading MRSA.
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Lisa Goldstein is a recently retired Bacteria Researcher, Nutritionist, Health Consultant, through her career she has seen thousands of patients affected by MRSA. She suffered from staph infection for many years until she was able to put her expertise to good use by trying many natural treatments with success. Lisa has been 100% MRSA staph infection free for the past 10 years.