The hardest part of going through a breakup with your girlfriend is when you get the feeling that you want to be back with her. If you want to reconcile with your ex-girlfriend, then you probably are going through a lot of emotions right now. Sometimes she's all you can think about and then other times, you just don't know. Add in to the mix that you know that a lot of guys have a hard time getting back with their ex-girlfriend and it's easy to see why you can feel confused.

Yet, there are MANY examples of men that do reconcile with their ex-girlfriend and you CAN be one of those guys. That can be YOUR story. The trick to making this happen is, you have to figure out how to make her feel the same way. You have to get her want you back.

What can you do to make your ex-girlfriend want you back?

Here are a few tips to try that will help you to reconcile with your ex-girlfriend:

1. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

You've heard that saying before, right? I think that we all have. And it's true. One of the mistakes that a lot of men will make when they feel like they want to get their ex-girlfriend back, is, they will try and pursue her TOO hard. They will suddenly be around her every chance that they can get. It seems like this will work, yet, it almost NEVER does. She will feel like you are not giving her any breathing room and she will pull back from you. You have to make her miss you in order for her to want to be back with you. So, be absent from her for a while.

2. Jealousy can be a good thing.

Most of the time, we all know that jealousy is a bad thing. Yet, there are times when a little jealousy can actually be good for you. If your ex-girlfriend sees that you are able to attract other women and that you can move on, she will naturally feel a bit jealous. This is a good sign that there are still feelings there and that she does still have a connection to you. So, don't be afraid to give other women a try when you have broken up with your ex-girlfriend.

3. Know that you CAN get her back.

You have to remain confident in yourself when you want your girlfriend back. If you lose that confidence, then you are going to have a hard time making her want you back. You have to assume that she is going to test you in some way. That is to be expected. You have to pass that test by remaining confident that you will make your ex-girlfriend want you back. It can and will happen.

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