The way you walk into a room can whip up curiosity in the occupants. The idea might sound silly to some of the readers, but unbelievably, we are progressing in the correct direction. Walking is an act that is performed by us for the major part of our lives. We normally hold the notion that walking is a means to transport us. However, latest studies are revealing that people are impressed or turned-off according to the way you are parading to the room. Certain tips outlining these are listed in the following sections.

• Walk without generating ample noise: Some of us might be holding on to a theory – if you generate ample noise while walking into a room, people might notice us. It is true that they might notice you, but within seconds, they might return to their conversation. Some among them might even comment on your “culture”!
• The following creed is quite common in social gatherings – you might have noticed them already. When entering the room, they tend to generate artificial sounds (the most common is to cough loudly, sometimes even sneezing). Of course, the entire room is going to notice you coughing. As I had mentioned beforehand, you are going to be royally ignored by the group if you resort to such cheap tactics.
• There are certain people who strive for attention upon entering a room, by resorting to loud talks on the mobile phone or by resorting to laughs that you might be well accustomed with horror movies. The others look down such people with contempt. Refrain from resorting to these activities. Dress up appropriately: The way one dresses up for an occasion sheds some light into their credibility. Instead of seeking attention by dressing up shabbily, generate respect and reverence in the minds of many by displaying your dressing sense. People might follow you throughout the gathering and that sense of importance will be imparted naturally.
• Be punctual: Certain people hold the notion that it is appropriate to turn up for a social gathering very late. The prime reason for this thinking is the following – they might be noticed upon walking into the room. For whomsoever who had thought and practiced this idea; it works out to be a bad one ultimately. Why risk your dignity by opting to act like an uncivilized person?

One has to realize the following fact – if you are important enough people will notice you when you walk into the room. Never try to induce that curiosity artificially, because it will be a short-lived one. Besides, you might be labeled as someone who seeks unnecessary attention. People might start spinning awkward stories about you. Respect is something that is attained as a direct result of a give and take process. In other words, in order to enjoy respect, you will have to impart respect. Mend your habits and perspective regarding life – this will enable you to enjoy life at the fullest.

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