Human growth hormone is also known as HGH and is a substance that is naturally produced in the pituitary gland. HGH levels are highest during the adolescent years and gradually decline after 30 years of age. The purpose of HGH is to regulate both the growth rate and the metabolism. There are many benefits associated with taking a human growth hormone supplement to increase HGH levels within the body.

Taking a human growth hormone supplement can increase bone density and help prevent osteoporosis. Since HGH levels decline as age progresses, a supplement can help increase the production of healthy bone mass in those who are deficient in this hormone. Osteoporosis is characterized by a loss in bone density which often results in fractures in elderly people.

Using a human growth hormone supplement may also reduce many adverse effects associated with aging. Elevated levels of HGH can reduce wrinkles, due to an increase in skin elasticity and it can cause hair to become thicker as it grows. Another benefit of HGH supplementation is an increase in lean muscle mass. Those who have higher levels of HGH within the body may also experience a spike in libido which can have a positive effect on sexual performance. Many people find that using a human growth hormone supplement helps them have more restful periods of sleep.

As age progresses, many people find their weight increases with little or no change in lifestyle or diet. Recent studies have shown that using a human growth hormone supplement may help keep weight at normal levels. HGH helps reduce body fat and increases lean muscle mass, especially when regular exercise takes place. Many athletes such as bodybuilders supplement HGH to help them achieve a leaner physique in a shorter period of time than with exercise alone.

Since human growth hormone levels gradually decline as the years go by, it is beneficial to take a supplement to increase hormone levels. HGH supplements can be taken several ways such as tablets, liquids and oral sprays. Most vitamin shops sell tablets, nasal sprays and liquid products that may help increase HGH levels. There are also many internet based companies that offer products designed to increase HGH levels. Another way to increase HGH levels is to inject the hormone. While this is the quickest way to increase HGH levels, these products must be used with caution to avoid adverse health effects.

Higher levels of HGH can increase energy, improve libido and increase lean muscle tissue. Those who take HGH supplements typically have an overall feeling of wellness. While HGH supplements are beneficial, increasing levels of human growth hormone rapidly can cause the pituitary gland to quit functioning normally. For this reason, those who use human growth hormone supplements should strictly follow the manufacturer's directions regarding dosage.

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