Any first Contact with Your Ex concerning What to Say and How to Say It Talking with an ex-lover is never easy… especially when your intention is to win them back. In such situation, it's no longer an "hey, how's it going?" uncomfortable situation. It's a pulse-repounding, palm-all sweating showdown. And the pressure goes on!
So how can you make the most of this opportunity, make-it-or-break-it moment of consideration? Here are three things to keep in mind…

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1. Keep Your Calm and Cool - here any kind of communication with your ex lover, for all time be in control, even if it feels like you're dying within. Try to keep those sweaty palms un-noticeable, and absolutely do not let your emotions get the better of you. Don't act anxious because that's a huge turn-off. No one wants to hear about how you mope about and miss them. The more collected you give the impression, the faster things will get better. Do something as if you're OK with the break-up, even if you're completely not.
2. You Allow Them Think They're Right - Be modest. You're working with an extremely delicate situation and any impulsiveness is going to get you shut down and set back further than you were before. Try not to talk about whatever it is that split you two up. That is just asking for a brawl.

3. Be inexplicable - Your ex is no longer in your personal, intimate circle where he or she has the right to know every detail about your life. If you say something like this "something really great has come up" that you "must give attention to immediately", then excuse yourself from the conversation, they'll be interested. Whether interested or not. It's the curse (and your gift) of human inquisitiveness. This serves to keep you in his or her mind, no matter how angry or hurt they are. I Want My Ex Boyfriend Back.

If you're serious about getting your ex lover back, then do not forget all of these things when you're communicating with him or her henceforth. The idea is to be yourself as much as possible, be mature about the situation you both are in. show remorse if you were wrong and at all costs, do not act like you don’t care and you'll be fine! Good luck with your first contact and remember to keep your head up.

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