Animals of all shapes and sizes play an important role in the maintenance of the balance in the ecosystem. They are also an important factor in the maintenance of the soil quality and the climate regulation in the environment. This has been pointed out by a research conducted by the World Wildlife Fund. The animals all over the world like the plants have a great role to play in the maintenance of a favorable environment for man on earth. From maintaining ecological balance to overall condition of the environment, all are done by the animals. Even in this age also, the animals are used in many areas of the world as transportation. Hence one can very well understand the importance of animals in the lives of man.

However men have not been so kind to the animals. They have not been treated well by the men. This is the reason why a large number of animals are disappearing from the earth. Many animals like the tiger, penguins and elephants are on the verge of extinction. This has happened due to the activities of the humans. Their immense greed have made them kill the animals for their skin, teeth and so on. A research has shown that humpback whales which was found abundantly was killed by poachers for oil and other materials. What happened as a result is that the fishes which were eaten by the whales increased and this disturbed the ecological balance. This may seem insignificant but this has a huge role to play in the ecosystem.

Animal rights have now become very important an issue all over the world due to these activities of men. Animal welfare has been taken up by animal organization all over the world to protect the animals and restore them back to their natural habitat. This has been done so as to reduce the imbalances in the ecosystem and also to save the animals from getting mistreated at the hands of few unscrupulous men. The organizations help in the saving of not only rare species animals but also the other not so rare animals also. This has been done so that animals of all shapes and sizes can be protected by them. This is important because without protecting the animals, the ecosystem will be damaged and this will harm the future of mankind.

On individual levels, what one can do is to donate money to the animal organizations to help the animals get homes and also rehabilitation. There are many online charities where one can donate the money easily for this cause. The willingness to help is important and not the sum of money that you deposit. If you want to take part actively in such work, you can join as volunteers and help in the rescue operations and the rehabilitation programs undertaken by the various organizations. This will help you to have a firsthand knowledge of the issue and also enable you to help the animals. The other way in which you can help the animals is by locating them and adopting them. This can be done in the case of domestic animals like cats, dogs and so on. Instead of buying them from a breeder or from a pet shop, you can give shelter to the animal which has already lost its home. This will give you a feel good feeling and also enable you to fulfill your duty as a good human being.

Therefore protecting the animals is a duty which every individual must take up to protect the environment and also make the earth a better place for the future generations to live

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