No one person can live in isolation. We all need others to survive, to thrive and to have a happy living. It is this co-existence with our fellow beings that leads to relationships. Sometimes happy, sometimes not. But it is those happy relations that we share with other humans that are called our friendships. These friendships are needed so we thrive peacefully and co-exist happily.

The friends we make characterize us for life. These friends are there for us to share our happiness and help us through in sadness. It is some of our closest friends that we keep close to our chest through life. Here is why our friendships are of utmost importance in our life-

1. Express our joys and enjoy happy moments.
2. Share our sorrows and have a shoulder to cry on.
3. Spend pleasurable as well trying days together.

While friendships are celebrated through the year and in good times, it is also important to credit out friends for what they do. That's why a whole day in the month of august is dedicated to them. Its called Friendship day and in August 2016 it will fall on Aug 7th. And it is befitting that our special friends, our mates for life be showered with some love on this day. In this materialistic world, the single most popular mode of pleasing someone is sending gifts and knowing the knack of gifting is surely uncommon. But if one is good at gifting then they are sure to have a lots of friends.

When it comes to our best friends, we might fall short of gifting ideas. Since we know our best friend in an out so it is imperative to choose the perfect friendship day for them to express our love for them. So we decided to sum up some ageless ideas for gifts for best friends this friendship day-

1. A vacation together- What is a better gift than spending time together. And if one wishes to spend quality time together and also have fun then gift your friend a vacation with yours truly.Yes, gift a vacation package and tag along with them. Fun and endless chatter is guaranteed.

2. A Best Friend Plaque- This may sound a cliche but it works for friends of all ages. It is also a morale booster. Get a pretty wooden plaque for your best friend with their name carved out with the Tag for ‘Best Friend’ to them. It will inflate their ego and also stamp your friendship for life.

3. Photo Collage- A personalised photo collage highlighting a lifetime of fun that the two of you have spent together is a great gift for your best friend. If you are creative enough, then make it yourself; because that's what your friend will appreciate it max. But if creativity isn't up your sleeve then hire someone to do it or gift one from a gifting website.

4. Gift Explosion Box- If your friend is up for a surprise then have a gift explosion box made for them. It is the latest in personalised gifts. All you have to do is provide some photos of your friends and a box will be created which will explode when opened and all the photos will pop right out creating a melody of fun and laughter.

5. Forever Friends Heart Trinkets- For gal pals, trinkets a great idea. These are loved by people of all ages. There are lots of charm bracelets and trinkets available which break into two parts. One part for your friends and the second for you. That's what makes a perfect friendship day gift for your bestie.

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