Yagya or Yajna (also called Yagya or homam) is a Vedic sacrifice or an outer form of ritual worship, in which offerings are made to different deities in a systematic manner by worshippers to nourish them.

Our ancient texts are full of mythology in which Pandits or ancient sages performed Yagyas and Devils (asuras) tried to destroy them. After this, the Devils then had to pay a fat price. These all are just mythologies but we cannot deny the fact that Yagya was related to demolishing negative powers.

Here is the Importance of Mantra Recitation in the Yagya:

The mantra is a sound, a certain utterance or a syllable in Sanskrit believed by practitioners to have psychological and spiritual powers. Chanting “Mantra” is not just about religion and spirituality; it's a combination of sound, breath, and rhythm that helps you to channelize your energy. The mantras have physiological effects on your body.

[Expert research - An Indian Scientist has established that recitation of powerful and influencing Gayatri Mantra generates 1,10,000 sound waves per second.]

Our expert and highly qualified best astrologer in delhi, India Dr. Himani Jolly found that performing Yagya with proper Vedic Mantra recitation is undoubtedly very important to get the desired results.

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Few benefits - Performing Yagya with soothing Sanskrit mantras create a pure and medicinal atmosphere. Chanting “Mantras” improves immunity and helps to calm the mind. It increases concentration and learning. For a healthy heart, it helps to release stress and keeps depression at bay. It also Increases radiance.

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