If you are planning to keep catering service for your office staff or you want to throw a grand party, you will have to hire professional caterer. There may be a numerous office caterer in your city but they all are not experienced and expertise to provide quality food at office so you should keep some important things in the mind which we will discuss here in following section.

It is the total responsibility of caterer to provide well presented, tasty and hygienic food in an event or party. If you will search on website, there may be a numbers of offices catering service provider but those all are not up to the mark and before you finalized to hire any provider you require little research and knowledge.

There are several behind the scenes tasks which you should take care before hiring any caterer for you office party or event which we have mentioned in below points.

Are they specialized to provide food in office catering?

You should ask to that office catering service provider if they are specialized in service at office. You should also check whether they are well experienced in providing food.


It is better to ask directly to their current or previous clients about their services and how quality food they offer. You may ask to caterer to give a few names of their clients who had their catering services before. You could check with them about their quality of work, food and services.


This is very important point you should discuss with your food service provider before hiring them for your office. They must be clear about whatever the charge they have offered, you should discuss with them weather this charge is including tips, serving charge, transportation charge and the like. You should beware of such so called “Add On” charges which they apply in your bill without your knowledge. They must be very clear as you are planning this in a particular budget.

Food Selection:

Before placing your menu, you should check that what they are offering at which price and their menu is enough to please everyone? In London, there are many office caterers who are very well experienced and they always keep menu which have something for everyone and all the people would love to have it. However, you can definitely suggest them to add some specific item into menu as you are well aware about the choice of your staff.

Sample Food:

You should also ask them for taste of their food once so you will be sure enough about the quality food of that company and also you will come to know how they will present items. This is the best chance to meet with the Chef and you can also discuss with he or she if you want to make any changes in taste according to the choice of your staff.During the meeting with Chef and manger of that company, you should ask from where they bring raw material for cooking, those materials must be in good quality and hygienic.

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