After undergoing plastic surgery, the results are dependent on how one is managed post op. Liposuction is one procedure where use of compression garments post op greatly determines the result. These garments are recommended by plastic surgeons to be worn 24hrs taking it off only when washing or bathing. The garments should be tight though not to a point of causing soreness.

How the compression garments work

Liposuction generates tunnels within the fat under the skin. After surgery they collapse slowly reshaping the area where liposuction was done. Through support provision by the liposuction compression garments these areas take up the desired shape. For those who opt for laser liposuction, the malleable nature of the semi-liquid fat that persists for weeks may cause indentation or ridges. However, use of the garments after the procedure ensures that as the fat solidifies to its slimmer shape, it’s kept in shape with the skin surface appearing even and smooth. Liposuction draws the subcutaneous fat between the skin and muscles. Bearing in mind that adherence of the skin and muscle isn’t immediate; these garments exert pressure which ensures consistent contact between them and subsequent bonding. Through the constant pressure by the garments, fluid doesn’t accumulate as they encourage fluid drainage.

Importance of compression garments

Liposuction compression garments speed up healing as they blot out the tunnels created keeping them from fluid fill up which would have otherwise resulted in slow healing. It also inhibits fluid shift that would lead to fluid imbalance. These garments also reduce bruising and through the pressure on the area operated, they reduce the risk of a seroma or hematoma. They also control swelling through tissue compression which helps the body reabsorb edema fluid which collects in tissues following any procedure. It also ameliorates the appearance of scars as a result of the pressure exerted. A scar that’s in front of your tummy for example following a tummy tuck is long and thus use of these garments makes it less visible, softer and flatter. In addition, their use results in improvement of the body contour. This happens due to the compression which adhere tissues to the underneath structures during the healing process. This aids in preventing a wrinkled appearance on the skin.

Types of compression garments

Liposuction compression garments come in different varieties, sizes and styles. They include the facial garment, high waist panty style compression garment, abdominal binder compression garment, full body garment, high waistline garment, unisex compression vest and male compression garments among others. Facial garments are available in different sizes. It’s used after facial procedures and serves to improve circulation of blood, reduce swelling as well as speed up healing. The abdominal binder compresses the upper and lower abdomen making it appropriate following both a liposuction and a tummy tuck. This binder can be used by both men and women. Arm sleeve compression compresses the shoulders and the arms as well. It is appropriate for arm procedures and liposuction.

Be sure to grab yourself the best fit and most appropriate garment with respect to your body needs and begin to enjoy the results.

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