As of late, more and more people are making vacation trips to the relatively small country of Thailand. Located in Southeast Asia and bordering Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Malaysia, Thailand has established itself as a hot spot for tourists interested in exploring alternative societal conventions when it comes to سكس and romance. This is evidenced, in large part, by hard data and statistics which show clearly and conclusively that Thailand has been experiencing a surge in popularity and tourism over the last twenty years. The country has so much more to offer than merely sex, but this article will focus on this one specific aspect of Thai life.

The thing that probably jumps out the most at tourists visiting Thailand for the first time is the fact that prostitution is, for all intents and purposes, legal (technically it is only “tolerated” by law enforcement authorities but prostitutes and their clients are virtually never apprehended and/or charged unless something irregular has occurred). In the capital city of Bangkok, for instance, one notices the large amount of older, western men walking around with Thai women, ranging in age from young to old. Prostitution is, for better or worse, an enduring and established institution in the country. It is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Another aspect of Thailand’s relatively open culture regarding سكس is the prevalence of transsexual and transgender Thais within society. Colloquially referred to as “ladyboys,” transgender people who have not had sex change operations and still possess their male genitalia walk around freely in all main cities. When it comes to LGBT rights and tolerance, Thailand is actually relatively progressive and forward thinking—perhaps even more so than its neighbors in the north, south, east, and west. It is for this reason among others that tourists find it such a fascinating and fun country to visit.

In reality, Thailand is much more than simply transgender people and prostitution. It possesses an incredibly rich culture and history and should absolutely not be defined by سكس and debauchery, however prevalent these phenomena may be within its borders. People traveling to the country should take care to explore beyond simple stereotypes—if one gets off the beaten path, Thailand reveals itself as a country that can be quite difficult to leave. Perhaps this is why there are so many expatriates from other countries living there on a permanent basis. They probably also enjoy the cheaper prices.

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Basil Haik is a travel writer who has been around the world and back. His weekly column on cultural mores governing سكس in different countries can be found online at his website. Thailand is just one of the countries he writes about on a regular basis. For More Information Please Visit SEX (سكس) and SEX VIDEO(سكس فيديو).