Secret Shopper or Mystery shopper is being used by many companies (either by a competitor or the internal management of a company) to gauge the quality and standard of service, regulation compliance, and as a way to gather information about the services and products of a business establishment.

The identity of the secret/mystery shopper should not be disclosed to anyone to freely perform the task given to them and to insure that the business establishment being researched about is unprepared for the visit. There are many tasks that can be given to a secret/mystery shopper. These tasks involve the purchase or returning of a product, complaining about the service and acting in a way that the staff of the business establishment will be irritated, and in the end they have to prepare a report and feedback about the assignment.

There are tools and criteria being used to assess the performance of a certain company. One of these criteria is the way an employee handles the situation created by the secret/mystery shopper. Another tool of assessment is the customer service of the employees even with the extreme irritating attitude of the customer. These are just some of the criteria of the assessment.

There are many people who want to be a secret/mystery shopper because of the luxury of the task, the excitement of every assignment, and the payment for every work done. There are times that no payment is being given to a secret/mystery shopper because the mere experience of the task would be enough to pay the work done. There are many ways to be employed in this type of company or agency. If interested, the most important consideration should be the legitimacy of the company that an applicant is dealing with. There are many bogus secret/mystery shopper employers around the globe which cater nothing but pure scam. Be cautious with dealing with these people and research about the company profile. Do not acquiesce to their request of payment for any certification and other non-existent documents that they say necessary for your employment. The company should pay a secret/mystery shopper not the other way around.

If in doubt you can visit the website of Mystery Shopping Providers Association (MSPA) for the verification of the reputation of the company that you are dealing with. If there is an obvious proof of scams and the company that you are dealing with seems fraudulent, ask the help of authorities or any agency that protects consumer welfare.

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