My boss is intimidating. She arrives at the office everyday at 7:00 but we don’t start until 9:00. She claims, she gets to the office early to do work beforehand. Personally, I know it’s not true because she’s on the phone with her mother, sister or friend when I arrive. Instead of her greeting me with good morning, hello or another kind gesture she begins by asking me questions before I’ve had a chance to take off my coat. “Why didn’t you complete the production report?” Where is your to do list that you didn’t complete yesterday? I want to quit as I’m frustrated by her demeaning manner.

I understand your situation as we have all encountered a powerful boss who thinks they have the right to treat us with disrespect. In some instances, they try to intimidate us or pull a power play to make us feel inadequate. They place their expectations upon us as they are superior to us due to their role of being our manager. However, our perception of them as a person may be completely off course. I realize your frustration and you believe your only choice is quit job due to your differences. Imagine leaving here today with tools that will enable you to relate to your boss? Does that sound good to you ?

In an effort to provide you with this information I have a few questions that will demonstrate What I’m looking at. Does she like to create order? Yes, she’s control freak. I cannot leave a pencil on my desk without putting it in the holder. Does she provide constructive criticism or compliment you when you perform your tasks successfully? No, she never gives me a compliment. She points her finger at me in an authoritative manner to inform me that I didn’t meet her expectations to complete my task and by the way why can’t you follow my instructions. You always do it wrong. I should just do it myself.

I would suggest you and your boss take the Ultimate Life Tool assessment which will provide insight to What each of you are? She would never take the assessment as she doesn’t think she needs to improve herself. I am the one who cannot do my job efficiently because I never meet her expectations, she’s so negative all the time. I know your boss is direct and aggressive in her approach. She needs to create order and she becomes indignant when you don’t perform your task in an expedient manner. In addition, you mentioned she’s negative. I understand you don’t want to disrespect her so you resist a response when she treats you in an intimidating manner. Through The Ultimate Life Tool I know your boss needs to create order because it makes her thrive and when she doesn’t have it she becomes manipulative. Her ability to complete a task in the quickest manner from point A to B is natural to her. She may be perceived as direct or demeaning in her approach but this is part of her personality. You haven’t done anything wrong but she feels entitled to criticize your work. She sees what’s not working first which comes across as being negative. You can try to make adjustments as I can see you’re more flexible by nature. You can create order by listing your tasks with a due date and review them with her daily or weekly to provide her with your status of your accomplishments. You seem to have a positive outlook, meaning you see what’s not working first. To avoid conflict address your appreciation and look for what’s not working…with a suggestion on how you view what is working. You may find a hidden respect for one another that did not exist prior to experiencing The Ultimate Life Tool.