Trains are popular mode to travel in India. People of all caste and creed get on a common platform leaving all the barriers of society outside the train. When originally conceived, trains were looked with down eyes by many religious sects for not allowing preferences on the basis of castes. Now, they are the major contributor in uniting India. They have also contributed immensely in strengthening of the economy of India by transferring loads and people alike from one place to another, but people in more relaxed way, of course. Availability of IRCTC online has helped people in getting their booking with the ease of the home. Now, one could find a train to Bangalore as easily as an auto to some local place.

IRCTC online was introduced in the year 1999. Since then, there was no looking back for the Indian Railways as well as the passengers. Bringing professionalism to the Indian railways system of servicing people in the transportation from one city to another, when bus are tiring for such a length. Train to Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, cities of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, etc can be looked for easily and could be booked as well. You just need to have Internet on your system and an account with IRCTC. Rest is followed as few more steps to your confirmed seat. Even if your seat is not confirmed, you can get a seat in Tatkal facility of booking tickets that reserves seat one day before the date of journey. You can get the status updates on the seat booking by checking the PNR status with IRCTC Online as well as

People can look forward for a great meal onboard with a sure quality check by Indian Railways. The same quality food is made available at platforms as well for only few bucks by the IRCTC. So, it could be noticed that tickets are not the only service provided by IRCTC except the fact that the food could not be booked by IRCTC online. Get on any Rajdhani / Shatabdi / Duronto and Mail / Express Trains to Bangalore or otherwise and be sure to get food by IRCTC. Indian railways have sure introduced people to all the facilities one could have on a go.

Tourists and travelers are quite happy with the services railways come up. Board on a train to Bangalore or any other place and see for yourself.

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