Depression is one such health condition that is gradually making its presence felt in the current world by attacking the younger age group. The fact that, nowadays children and younger adults are the most affected by depression with reasons ranging from stress related to studies, personal matters and some clinical health conditions to the work load pressure and inability to prove potential and get applauded by your seniors and partners. As per a recent statistics, around one in every 10 American adults suffers from this detrimental condition.
Although, diet plays an important role in changing your mood swings but in some cases is also found to worsen your health due to unrestricted and continuous eating habits. But, it has been said from long time that exercise executes a beneficial and positive effect on individuals experiencing initial stage depression or mild depression.
An approach called as TREAD (TREAtment of Depression with physical activity) is found to focus on the importance of exercise as an effective tool for curing your depression. This approach is designed to customize the needs of physical activity as per the individual’s wish to support as well as persuade the people with depression to get engaged in a physical activity. It also results in enhancing the patients view about exercise and makes them indulge in the activity for a long period of time.
Exercise - A potential clinical tool for depression
Many health organizations, health professionals, clinicians and researchers have claimed that the involvement of people suffering from depression in an active physical activity provides a great relief. Also, the fact that exercising produces no side effects on your health further adds to its positive attributes. The Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement (ICSI) of the U.S. in its current revised guidelines pertaining to the primary treatment care of individuals with depression has claimed that active involvement of the patient as well as physical activity does play a role in mitigating the symptoms associated with major depression.
Not only exercising but walking in fresh air in your garden lawn or engaging in any activity requiring you to get off the couch will also ease your depression. Exercising results in assurance of a relaxed and peaceful state of mind along with diverting your mind from the thought of depression or the factors related to inducing it. The effects of active physical activity in enhancing heart health, regulating weight issues and alleviating your blood pressure and cholesterol levels is well-known.

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