Among the several whole body vibration technologies that are available today, the sonic technology is easily the most effective one for most people. Standing heads and shoulders above the five competing technologies, namely the linear, pivotal, oscillating, spiral and tri-planer vibration technologies, sonic is clearly the most health-friendly vibration technologies that are available today. Some leading brands, such as Turbo Sonic / Sonic Life, bring these machines to the market. However, the price of these machines are a lot higher compared to other machines. Are the sonic machines worth the extra buck?

Before explaining how specifically the sonic vibration helps, let me first explain how the vibration frequencies matter. At the lower vibration frequencies, the user will experience good massage and lymph drainage. Joint maintenance and body detoxification are two other distinctive benefits that vibration machines can provide. As the frequency goes higher, mid-range frequency vibration benefits kick in. Blood circulation improves. Joint massages become further better. The knees get a massage. It has a comforting effect on arthritis and fibromyalgia patients as well. As one hits the highest frequency zone, the body building related effects start to play a telling role. Bone density and muscle building efforts at high frequency vibrations are effective.

Now that I have given an overview of how the vibration frequencies play a role, let me zoom my focus on sonic vibration.

At the lowest end of the vibration frequency spectrum, some of the sonic machines, such as Turbo Sonic (and Sonic Life), can come down to as low as 3 Hz vibration frequency. This beats all other vibration technologies – the lowest frequency that a spiral machine achieves today is only 5 Hz, and not below that.

Then, at the highest end of the vibration frequency spectrum, the sonic vibration machines go as high as 50 Hz. This is more than enough for practically everyone. Linear vibration machines can go as high as 60 Hz which is beyond the range of most people and meant for hardcore muscle and body builders, but due to the nature of the motion, linear vibration is very hard on the knees and the body. No other technology goes beyond 50 Hz, and sonic machines also go up to 50 Hz in an absolutely steady manner.

Further, the sonic machines are motorless. Unlike all other machines that use single or dual AC or DC motors to produce the vibration, the sonic vibration technology rely on sound waves (like the ones produced by music) for producing the vibrations. In addition, the load carrying capacity of these machines are excellent – these can perform some of the heaviest duties. Also, on some of the best sonic vibration machines, you can play your own favorite music to make the platform vibrate, and thereby have a vibration motion that will be completely dictated by your own choice.

Some of the very best sonic vibration machine producers have mastered the art of fine-grained vibration frequency management with full control. In these machines, the users would be able to control the frequency at a step of 1 Hz. In other words, one will be able to go up or down by 1 Hz at a time along the frequency scale, to get to the vibration that they want to exercise with. This is clearly the best control that one has on vibration machines, and is not available on the other technologies at the time of writing this, to the best of my knowledge.

The only downside of sonic machines is the price. These are terribly expensive. Are these worth the money? Yes, they are in many cases. Can you afford these? Depends – they are expensive, yes, but not all brands are equally priced. There are some brands that are much more affordable compared to others. How much better is sonic compared to other technologies such as spiral? Let's say, 15%-20% better. Again, are these machines worth the high price? It depends upon your health conditions and needs. Taking my quiz, referred below, will help.

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