Part #1 – the first 15

Baby Boomers and those retiring are entering grandparenthood. Our generation was the largest in history and many of our children are jumping into family life in just as big a way. Use this two part list of 26 things to grandchildren proof your home. This time of your life can be one of the rewards for all of your years of hard work.

The 15 basic things you need to grandchildren proof your home. You may have heard these before, but just in case you haven’t:

1.) Pick up all breakables that little hands could reach or knock over

2.) Get baby locks for lower cabinets or drawers that you don’t want opened

3.) Secure any outside doors; especially those that go to the street or to a pool

4.) Put all poisonous liquids on high shelves – bleach, cleaning fluids, medicines, etc.

5.) Check all fire alarms

6.) Post a list of all emergency numbers by all phones = parents, doctors, poison control

7.) Set the water heater below 120 degrees to prevent scalding

8.) Have a working fire extinguisher accessible in the kitchen

9.) Put safety gates on all stairways or rooms you don’t want children to enter

10.) Put safety caps on all electrical outlets

11.) Get a working baby monitor, plastic cups, forks and plates, bibs

12.) Keep all hot liquids, like coffee, up high away from reaching hands and pot handlesturned inward on the stove

13.) Get a good stain stick; spills will happen

14.) Get a legal release form completed by the parents and you, so that you will have written permission to allow medical treatment if needed

15.) Make sure you have the children’s written schedule, suggested foods, any allergies, parent’s contact numbers, their pediatrician’s office information

HAVE FUN! Part #2 will be coming soon.

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