I watched The Bachelor the other night… In my defence there was absolutely nothing to watch on the television and it was the season premiere and… oh well, I might as well admit it, I saw the previews and the man in question looks quite disarming. Obviously… my curiosity is piqued.

For one whole hour I watched a whole group of women clamor over one man, and that one man in question seemed to have everything but the right woman to spend his life with. Not to pass any judgement on anyone ( okay, maybe a tad bit… I am human with my biases… ), but it got me thinking about how finding their soulmate makes an otherwise perfectly sane person do things they normally wouldn’t do, what more to say to do it in front of the camera and the whole world. The things we do in the name of love….

Isn’t it ironic that in a world where the population is over 6 trillion strong that finding a soulmate is still a struggle for so many? Even with the technology where you are no longer limited to prospects in your own city, there’s still such a huge amount of singles online and offline looking for love and there’s a huge array of products and services to fill that need.

As much as I advocate `putting yourself out there’ be it with an online profile or just going out to meet people in your neighbourhood, from a feng shui perspective I would like to offer the idea that each of us are born with a certain kind of destiny where your love relationships are concerned. Some people have good relationship karma where the right partner just fell on their lap without them asking for it. Some have not-so-good relationship karma where it feels like you’re heading towards a dead end over and over again.

How would you know if you have good or bad relationship karma? As a feng shui practitioner who reads the 4 Pillars of Destiny birth chart ( in Mandarin it’s called bazi, or in Cantonese known as paht chee ) which gives us a complete picture of one’s heaven luck ( a feng shui term for destiny ), there are a few things we can gather where love is concerned - your love blueprint, if you may.

First of all, one can see if the Spouse Star or boyfriend / girlfriend luck is present in the chart and if it is auspicious for the owner of the chart. Second, we can take a look whether there’s the Peach Blossom Luck ( in feng shui known as the romance luck ) in the chart and also whether it is auspicious or not ( auspicious Peach Blossom Luck obviously means really good potential to find love, but if it’s inauspicious it also means negative relationships such as a scandalous romance ). There’s also the Red Matchmaker which usually is a huge indication of marriage, or the Red Chamber which usually warns us of carnal-related destruction ). You do need a practitioner to help you read these charts as there are numerous guidelines and rules to follow in order to read the chart effectively, but nevertheless it gives one a great overview of what’s to come.

So what if your 4 Pillars Chart doesn’t show any indication of finding that love ever after? We are not here merely as corks being thrown in the rough sea, being tossed around as the environment sees fit. We DO have free will, so don’t forget the 3 Trinity of feng shui – Heaven Luck, Earth Luck and Man Luck. The chart gives you a good idea of what Heaven Luck ( destiny ) might have in store for you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t change your destiny through Earth Luck ( ie. feng shui ) and Man Luck ( ie. your own actions ). But obviously, if you line up all three aspects together then the love manifestation will happen much faster. For instance, if the chart doesn’t show you being involved with someone let’s say 20 yrs from now, there’s always a way for us to help destiny along and shorten the timeline!

I know I’ve mentioned it before but I’ll say it again. The difference between the 4 Pillars and regular destiny / life readings is that there are certain situations that can be remedied if you know about it early enough, and those remedies are usually through feng shui, charity, mantras etc. So intead of being defeatist when the chart tells of a looming problem ( ie. an affair or a divorce ), a combination of Earth Luck as well as Man Luck can help you minimize the challenge, or in certain situations might even help you avert it altogether.

If, as a spiritual love seeker you can sense that there is a piece of the puzzle missing in your quest to find your highest and best love, proper feng shui as well as a study of your 4 Pillars will most likely complete the picture for you.

After all, if what you're doing now is not working, what's the harm in trying it from a different perspective?

Author's Bio: 

I am honoured to be the 6th generation disciple under the lineage of the Grand Master Tang Yang Wu. Having completed the Master Programme for Xuan Kong Feng Shui I am proud to be part of this school that promotes classical feng shui, where a lot of feng shui myths are dispelled. I practise out of Toronto, Canada but have served clients worldwide. Currently authoring a book on holistic manifestation, taking a more in-depth look at Chinese metaphysics' 3 divine trinity of Heaven Luck, Earth Luck and Mankind Luck. Stay tuned!