In my first article for, I talked about my husband’s cancer and subsequent death and my ending up mostly bedridden and in a wheel chair.

In this Article #2 for, I’ll teach you secrets about “Sick Houses” that I had to learn the hard way, so you don’t have to. The cause of sick houses is something you, like most Americans, have probably never heard of. It’s an invisible, hidden danger lurking in ALL homes that’s silently making us sick and slowly even killing us. Because it usually works slowly we don’t recognize what’s happening to initially cause minor symptoms that can develop into life threatening diseases.

My husband Don and I learned about sick houses the hard way. We not only lived in a sick house, but we built it! Our living-happily-ever-after in our dream home didn’t last long because I got sick soon after we moved in and I didn’t know why.

Twice a year we would go to Colorado to go skiing. I eventually realized that every time I was away from home I ALWAYS FELT MUCH BETTER. My feeling better when I was away was my FIRST CLUE that something might be wrong in our home. Do you feel better when you’re away or even just outside?

Years later my seemingly very healthy husband was diagnosed with cancer. That made us much more suspicious that there was something wrong in our home. I was a natural health practitioner, so we both were on a good diet and had a good lifestyle; but now we were both getting sicker, DESPITE DOING REALLY GOOD THERAPIES. That was my SECOND CLUE.

For the next ten months, I watched Don continually get worse, suffer and then die. I then knew I had to figure out what killed him and was still making me sick.

I now needed help just to survive. From my research, I now KNEW there was a problem in our home and felt forced to move out and moved to Colorado. Before moving I was totally exhausted and had been mostly bedridden for a year. I had severe uncontrollable tremors, jerking and twitching spells. My legs were so weak I had to use wheelchairs when I traveled. I was even afraid I was getting Multiple Sclerosis, much less ever be able to ski again.

Two months after moving and using wheelchairs, I was out skiing. My improvement was that dramatic and I then knew I was going to be okay.

My getting so much stronger soon after moving confirmed what we had suspected – that our dream home did make us sick and did cause this nightmare. I was now driven and researched for years and figured out the cause and created a Solution to cure “Sick Houses.”

My discoveries made me healthier and healthier and gradually developed into a new energetic cleansing and healing system. I see people around me getting sicker and sicker, as I’m continually getting healthier & healthier – and you can too. The first and essential step is to remove this deadly block to healing and turn your “Sick House” into your healthy “Home, Sweet Home.”

In my next article for I’ll describe what I found in our sick house – and no, it was not mold. Or, if you’d like to see the entire series of free videos now to learn more about this mysterious and deadly health hazard, how it’s affecting your life, and how to change your life, then go to for free access to all of my videos and an opportunity to ask me whatever questions you would like.

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“Sick House” survivor, Karen Mileson, has been a researcher and practitioner in the natural health field for over 40 years. She is also the author of a book entitled: "Our Energetic Evolution in Healing: Free Yourself From the Unseen Forces That Can Make You Sick." Ms. Mileson has learned about healing the hard way – from her life-or-death search to uncover the mysterious cause of her husband’s cancer and subsequent death and its connection to her previous illness, ranging from extreme fatigue to severe neurological symptoms.

Her struggle to survive led to the startling discovery of the source of these unseen life-threatening forces lurking in her home that many doctors believe can cause cancer, multiple sclerosis and other chronic diseases. Then follow her journey to develop the powerful neutralizer – ENERGEMS – to heal your “Sick Home” and your environment. Learn how her new energetic cleansing and healing system has helped many others as well as changing her life to make it worth living again – and can do the same for you.

Karen literally went from wheel chair to ski bum and now lives near Aspen, CO and enjoys being able to do whatever she chooses – from skiing all winter to even having her first indoor sky diving lesson recently. She is now healthier in her 60’s than she was in her 40’s and soon she expects her 30’s!

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