IUI in Kathmandu is a procedure in which the men sperm are washed and placed into the women uterus to facilitate fertilization and the aim of this procedure is to increase the sperm number so that they will reach to the women fallopian tubes in order to increase the chances of successful pregnancy. The IUI in Kathmandu is especially for those couples who are dealing with the cause of unexplained infertility.

IUI in Kathmandu is a form of assisted conception in which the fertility expert will insert the fine thin catheter to place the men washed sperm directly into the women uterus near her egg at the time of ovulation. The sperm of the male member will first go through the laboratory procedure where all the sluggish sperm is removed and only fast moving sperm will be retained by the fertility expert. The reason to select the fast moving sperm is that it will increase the number of sperm that will reach to women fallopian tubes and also increase the chances of the successful conception.

IUI in Kathmandu is the best and first line reasonable fertility treatment than other assisted reproductive methods. Usually, the fertility experts at IUI Clinic in Kathmandu advise couples to try IUI treatment first then other expensive fertility treatments. The reason they suggest IUI inKathmandu because this treatment does not require many precautions as another fertility treatment requires. This is a very simple and safe procedure to have an own baby. The fertility expert at IUI Clinic inKathmandu will advise couples to take few minutes rest after the procedure is completed and later on, the couples can resume their normal activities with few limitations as advised by the fertility expert.

The success rate of the IUI in Kathmandu is majorly depended on the age of the women and the cause of infertility, however, till date the success rate achieved by the IUI Centre in Kathmandu is around 50-60% of the women under age of 35 years and the fertility experts at IUI Centre in Kathmandu also makes the successful pregnancy in case of women over age of 40 years by using their latest and advanced techniques in the field of the fertility management.

The IUI Cost in Kathmandu is also very reasonable and can be easily afforded by people of every class; however, the IUI Cost in Kathmandu varies from clinics to clinics. In some case where the fertility expert feels that the women require the HCG injection for superovulation in such cases the IUI Cost in Kathmandu becomes little expensive, however, if people compare the IUI Cost in Kathmandu with other western countries like the UK or the US they will find a huge difference in costs as well as in success rate of the treatment. Every year number of infertile couples is rapidly increasing in Kathmandu to have their IUI in Kathmandu by well-qualified and experienced fertility experts.

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