Nowadays the IVF Clinic in Nepal has become a center of hope and blessing for those couples who are unable to conceive naturally after having an unprotected intercourse for more than 12 months. Most of the couples are so desperate to have their own baby and for this they can reach to any IVF clinic which they have heard first without knowing the success rate, time is taken for the procedure, procedure which offered to them match their requirements, cost of the entire procedure, qualification and education of the fertility expert of that IVF clinic.

At the end of the procedure what happens to them is that they can end up with very costly IVF treatment which does not give them the successful outcome and also they are financially affected. After this, they are not able to believe any IVF clinic and they end up with empty hands. So it is very important for all the people traveling to Nepal from other countries for their fertility to choose the correct and best IVF Clinic Nepalgunjbefore they proceed with the fertility procedure.

They can find out the best IVF Clinic Nepalgunj by searching on the internet or they can also take an advice from their relatives or friends who had undergone the fertility treatment at IVF Clinic Nepalgunj so that they will not end up with high bills and zero output.
Before the couples proceed with their fertility treatment at IVF Clinic Nepalgunj it’s always a best practice to ask the following questions with their fertility experts of the chosen IVF Clinic Nepalgunj:

• The IVF Clinic Nepalgunj which the couple has, to treat their cause of infertility does assign them only one doctor from the initial stage until the baby deliver or doctors can be changed without any information to the patient during the middle of the IVF program?
• Is the fertility experts at IVF Clinic Nepalgunj are responsible for storing all the records properly in one place or they need to search every time when the patient visited them and will tell them that what happens on the last visit?
• Does the patient will get the complete services such as ultrasound scan or monitoring, blood tests, service of embryology lab etc. at IVF Clinic Nepalgunj or they have to go outside the IVF Centre Nepalgunj for their required tests to be done for the procedure?

After all the clarification if the patient feels comfortable then they can precede their fertility treatment at IVF Clinic Nepalgunj. This is a clinic which offers the wide ranges of fertility treatments under one roof which includes the procedure of IVF, ICSI, IUI, Surrogacy, Egg donation, embryo cryopreservation, TESE, PGD etc. With the help of these advanced procedures in the field of fertility, management couple can able to conceive their own baby.

Till date the success rate of IVF Centre Nepalgunj is around 75 to 85% of the women under age of 35 years which is quite high as compared to other developed countries.


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