IVF in Nepal becomes a hope for infertile couples who are below the poverty line. The fertility experts from India and Nepal has come forward to help these people by using the latest and advanced technology equipment to treat all kind of infertility problems and allow the infertile couples to enjoy their parenthood happily.
Earlier it was a challenge for infertile couples below the poverty line due to an expensive IVF Treatment Nepal; however, with the help of these fertility experts from India and Nepal, they offer the IVF Treatment Nepal at low-cost to all the patients across the globe. Low-cost of IVF Treatment Nepal does not mean that the fertility experts there will compromise with the quality of the treatment. They offer the same standard international quality of the IVF Treatment Nepal for all patients without biasing between poor, payee or needy people.
IVF Nepal is a process where women eggs are mixed for fertilization with the sperms of her husband or donor sperm in the laboratory under specific circumstances, but outside the women body and on fifth day when it reaches its blastocyst stage then it will transfer into the women uterus by using the fine tube (catheter) which is passed through the cervix and this procedure is usually done by using the ultrasound guidance and then the embryos are placed into the women uterus in order to achieve the successful pregnancy.
Till date, the success live birth rate of IVF Treatment Nepal is around 70 to 80% which is quite high as compared to other developed countries. Every year thousands of people travel to Nepal for the
IVF Treatment Nepal because the cost of IVF in Nepal is less and success live birth rate is high. Nepal is a country which has experienced and well-qualified fertility experts from India and Nepal who had performed thousands of IVF cycles in Nepal till date. The embryologists are the biggest assets in Nepal who provides the successful pregnancies in larger number and these numbers are rapidly increasing every year.
With the growing issues of infertility in couples, the fertility experts from India and Nepal offer the various fertility treatments such as IUI, IVF, ICSI, surrogacy, egg donation, fibroids, male infertility treatment etc. under one roof to fulfill all the dreams of an infertile couple and help them in conceiving.
The aim of the fertility experts in Nepal is to offer the best IVF Treatment Nepal to all the patients across the globe with the highest success rate of taking the baby home. The fertility experts from India and Nepal use the state-of-art procedure which is of best quality and culture media is imported from other developing countries with a high-class component at very reasonable cost. With the help of these advanced technologies, the fertility experts from India and Nepal also make the pregnancy possible for the women over the age of 40 years. Their main focus is to see couples smiling faces after the IVF Treatment Nepal.

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