When jealousy rears its nasty head, it is not a good thing. It’s not fun, but it does go to show you how many levels there are in this life. When someone looks a certain way, maybe you use to look like that, or you want to look like that. It should be motivational if you don’t look like the way you see someone else look. Instead of trashing the other person, or starting rumors about why she looks good, or being deliberately mean to her; why you don’t look at yourself and think, hey she did it, I know I can too. But this would mean making too many changes that you are not willing to make. It would mean being pro-active and working out hard, but you’re so use to being lazy and you’ve settled just for passing on a rumor to make yourself look good. Poor pitiful you, I’m sure there’s a special place for you in the afterlife.

Now what about the people who have the big house; you know the one on the lake, and the one in New York, and the one at the Cape. We can go further and talk about the cars, clothes, and the jewelry, but why. There are a lot of people in this world who do have a lot of things to show for in their life. They are merely possessions, and if that is what makes them who they are, well I do feel sorry for them. The point is, you don’t trash them for what they have; you rejoice in the fact that they do have financial stability. The bottom line is, people work hard for what they have, and who are you to trash them for it, and spread rumors of how they got it etc. It is mere jealousy.

When you have a bump in your road clear out your mind and figure out where you see yourself in 3 months; once you get a clear visual on that, do it for the span of a year, and then 3 years. Once you envision on how you see yourself living, you must sit down and figure out the necessary steps to get you there. The difference is the hard working individual will do the hard work and the soul searching to get there, and they will get there. The person who is busy pointing their fingers at someone else will be doing the same thing 5 years from now. Those are the ones you pray for.

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