The JG Wentworth Company is your ultimate partner when you are in dire need of converting your long term payments, annuity and structured settlements into instant lump sum cash. People invest their cash in different strategies to ensure they have long term financial stability even after retiring. When the unforeseen circumstances make structured payments unsuitable, this company helps you to convert the cash into hard cash.

Accomplishing the process is a walk in the park. Potential clients are required to fill a simple application form that can be found in the website of the company. It is advisable for potential clients to fill in this information as accurately as possible since it is used in determining the quote given.

Alternatively, the application process can be accomplished via calling the customer support. The support staff will ask the clients a number of questions that they will in turn use in determining quote to give for the annuity plan.

There are several advantages of holding the annuity plan but there are some times when selling the plans are more beneficial than retaining them. For instance, if you need to change your investment plan or you need to pay off outstanding debt creating negative impact on your credit history, JG Wentworth can help you out.

The financing plan of this company is unique from the rest of the company since it actually purchases the future annuity payments as opposed to other companies that lend the clients with the future payments as the guarantee. The main disadvantage with this plan comes in that the borrower will be liable of the debt given in case the annuity company defaults. The annuity buyout plan on the other hand removes the liability of the annuity payments from the clients. If the annuity company defaults, the clients shall not be held responsible of repaying the unsettled amount since no debt is created by the seller.

Another advantage of selling the annuity plans comes in that the credit rating of the seller cannot be affected. This is unlike when one has taken a loan. Due to unforeseen circumstances, it is possible for an individual to fall behind the payment. This in turn may lead to damage of the credit rating making it harder to get loans in future.

Lastly, it is not compulsory for a client to sell the entire annuity plan. There are versatile plans that make it possible to sell just a small portion of the annuity plan.

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Brenda Miles realized her need for additional funding for purchasing her dream house. She realized that one of the best ways to do this would be to request financial help from JG Wentworth. She chose to go with this company after reading various JG Wentworth reviews online and deciding that they are able to provide excellent services.