Jupiter will retrograde from August 30, 2011 through December 24, 2011. Jupiter is the planet that brings hope and optimism to everything. It gives you hope that the job will come very soon or that you will advance in your schooling or career. At the time when Jupiter retrogrades you will feel like giving up hope. It may bring a time when you feel that there are no opportunities coming for you. It could bring a time when you may feel pessimistic and negative towards others.

Jupiter enters Taurus

On June 4, 2011 Jupiter, the sign of good luck and opportunities will enter the sign of Taurus. The next 12 months your concern will turn to projects, business ventures, career and finances. Find your Sun sign or rising sign below to find out where Jupiter will be hanging out for the next 12 months.


Jupiter is currently in your house of friends and hope and wishes. I like this house because especially when Jupiter is in here it brings what you most desire. If you have been waiting to gain a relationship this is the house that brings it to you. Also its the house that rules friends so you will see more friends coming into your life. This can easily be old flames or friendships that you have had from the past. Since it is in the house of Karma (what comes around goes around). You really want to enjoy yourself during this period of time because you will feel more popular. You will find yourself in bigger social circles and you will notice you gain more appreciation from those around you. You will also feel more outgoing so if your the shy type then you will be glad Jupiter is helping you now to get out there and mingle.


Jupiter is currently going through the house that brings higher ranking positions. If you have been waiting for that managers job or waiting to be the top boss in your company or company then this is the time that you will gain it. You will feel more superior and more in command. This will not be a bad thing at all. You really want to take advantage of this time period because you will be more easily recognized for all your hard work. Focus on your wants and needs in your career. If you need to gain some education to beat your other competitors for that same position then do so now because your hard work will not only be noticed but will it will also bring a better job position. I will exclude during the 3 months that Jupiter goes into retrograde because during that time Jupiter does the opposite, it doesn't bring into for you. But when it goes direct it helps you to gain that big position so focus because you will eventually get what you wanting relationship to your career. You may easily gain more awards during this time too. So if you suddenly become employee of the month you can thank Jupiter during this time.


Jupiter is currently in the house associated with long distance travel, academic studies, and religious beliefs. You may find yourself traveling to far away places more than usual. You may also be planning to make a long distance trip. Depending on how far your willing to travel a long distance trip can be from one end of the country to the other or this could be from one country to the other. Its' what you consider distant that will give you the opportunity to travel to these places. It also affects your religious beliefs. Not just religion but your own attitude beliefs. For example if you begin to have changes in belief system, how you proceed life should be or how people should live. You may easily become an advocate for your beliefs. You can easily find yourself going back to college or university or beginning to start at a university. These type of academics is also in relation with vocation schools or trade school. You may also be dealing with large media including magazines and commercials and advertising. You may find yourself surrounded by journalism or planning to get into journalism. This house also rules in-laws so if you are married you may easily spend more time with your in-laws or even be getting along better with them.


Jupiter is currently in the house the rules joint finances, taxes, prize winning, marital gains. You may easily find yourself getting that loan or mortgage you have been applying for. You can also find yourself gaining your first credit card or gaining more credit. This will also bring you financial gains through marriage so if your married of with someone else your spouse or lover will be bringing in the bucks and you will be enjoying yourself spending it. If you need some capital to build up a business this would be the time for you to get it. Just remember that even though you will gain financially through other sources this also means that you will eventually have to owe this money in some way. You may have to pay interest charges for that big loan you borrowed or if you do gain a tax refund, you may have to owe the following year. So be careful what you wish for because you may just get it. This will also bring prize winning so if you have been playing bingo or the lottery don't be surprised if you suddenly find yourself gaining a winning lotto ticket.


Jupiter is currently in the house of marriage and partners or business partners. This doesn't necessarily mean a marriage will come to you but it will surely encourage it. This will also be the right time to bring more committed relationship into your life. Take advantage of time time period as it will help you to build a stronger longer lasting future with someone else. This is the house that brings a marriage from a strong stable committed (already in progress) relationship. A couple year ago you were popular with your love life whether it was gaining a relationship or gaining many dates or lovers well during this time it will easily bring more commitment and possibly marriage from that same relationship. This is also the time when you will be friendly to others. This will increase business partner skills with others or bring about a business partner to grow on a business venture. If that's the case then next year will bring the capital you need to get things off the ground.


Jupiter will be going into your house of everyday work assignments. This is the house that makes you work hard for the money. You will easily run into job and career opportunities but it looks like just to get there can wear you out. This is also the house of health so if you have been dealing with a health issue the next 12 months will bring you the opportunity to get healthy. This will also help you to start that exercise program or to watch what you eat including drinking more water than usual, cutting back on alcohol or excessive amounts of fatty foods. This is also going to affect your teeth as the 6th house rules dental hygiene. You'll find yourself taking better care of your teeth and your personal hygiene. Regarding your work, this is work that your forced to deal with. So it may not necessarily be the dream job you are looking for but the job you need in order to pay the bills. The benefit that you have though is that this will bring more than one opportunity so while others are struggling you are going to have choices. This is also the house that serves to others. One thing I noticed with many charts I read is that when you have Jupiter in the 6th house after it has just passed from the 5th house of love it'll make the person in love "serve" to its partner/lover. The one in love will serve or spend a lot of money to the other person. Many times it can even bring an engagement depending on other aspects. This is also the house of small domesticated pets like cats and dogs. So you may find yourself adopting a pet. If a friend has a pet you will feel even more willing to get a new pet or another pet.


Jupiter is in your house of love, pregnancies and gambling. This will make you take more risks when it comes to who you approach in love and children. You may have been debating whether to have a baby or to wait it out. Well now you are taking a chance and willing to proceed forward, even if your willing to take a chance at being a single parent. Gambling will be high on your list so if your finding yourself going to the casinos more than usual you can thank Jupiter for that. Also this is also the house of entertainment so even more so you will feel like getting yourself out there in the limelight. Places like Las Vegas and Atlanta might seem more appealing to you. You may be so optimistic that everything will work out your way that you may take TOO MANY chances and risk losing a lot of money...so be cautious. Also this is the house that rules your love life. This can easily bring a romantic relationship and before this trend is over you will be talking about moving in together or maybe even marriage. This can also bring many dates or lovers so if you suddenly feel popular with the opposite sex or same sex you can thank Jupiter for this but don't get too comfortable with this because Jupiter won't be in this house for too long.


Jupiter will make its way into your 4th house of home related matters. So if your planning to make a move or were looking into moving then right now is the time to do this. You may also feel that you need to get out of your current situation or you need to expend were you live at. You may feel like your suffocating were you are at. This is the time to push to make that move. Your elders and parents will also be an issue. This can easily be that you may have to look over them or make sure they are getting the care they need. You may find yourself spending more times with your parents or grandparents. You may also have to see over home related matters in regards to your parents home. Whatever the case may be, your home will be an issue. This can easily make you move from one house to another even if it makes you relocate to another city.


Jupiter is currently in your 3rd house of relatives, siblings, relatives and local traveling. You may find yourself visiting cousins, your brothers and sisters or your aunts and uncles. If you are younger you may just be spending more times with siblings. This can also be your friends but someone you see as a brother or sister. You will also find yourself getting out more than usual. Local trips and even trips to see relatives will be on your agenda. You will also feel more optimistic and broad minded. This will make you plan for your future and what you need to do to gain success. This can easily be to pursue educational studies to build a better and stronger career. This can also bring a sister in law or brother in law.


Jupiter will be in 2nd house of earned income. This brings more promotions, raise, more money honey. Well you can easily expect that all those struggles of hard work finally does pay off for you. Take advantage of all the people and connection because this will go a long way. If your working to get a better job position then push yourself now. Unlike Jupiter in the 6th house that rules tedious every day jobs, Jupiter in the 2nd house rules better income jobs. The one's we all dream about. Jupiter in the 10th house rules higher ranking position so the 2nd house brings money. Now also be wary that this can also bring more money through investments including a house, tax refund, or other means were earned income takes effect. This can easily bring bonuses your way too.


Jupiter is currently in the first house which makes you very optimistic but yet this can easily bring a weight gain so be careful. This is the planet of expansion. You are very friendly to others and are really feeling that everything is working the way it should be. You will feel more spiritual and more religious. What I mean by this is that it may easily push you to look deeper into the spiritual realm. During this time you will send more positive expression. When Jupiter goes into retrograde though this will be a period of time when you will feel a sense of just giving up any hope.


Jupiter is currently in the 12th house of spirituality and solitude. This really is not a bad thing because it helps you to gain more time to yourself and focus on your own priorities. You will also find yourself dealing with health issues from the past and finally getting proper help. If you feel that a health concern from the past is still bothering you then during this time period you will find yourself going to the doctors to finally get it right. If you find yourself in hospitals during this time it's not to fall more ill but to finally feel better. This does bring a positive period of time for you. Since the 12 house rules "ever-lasting" projects you start during this period of time will be around for a very long time and for years to come. This will be a good time to plan out your finances and begin to create a budgeting program because that plan will last a long time. This also comes at a time were you will feel you have a protector, an angel in your path that helps you through the toughest times of your life. The 12th house rules depression but when Jupiter is here, you wont be feeling depressed. Now we needs to exclude when Jupiter goes into retrograde, its a planet that suddenly disappears during this time. So when Jupiter is direct you feel happy but its in retrograde you can easily feel let down or depressed for that time being. Jupiter in retrograde lasts about 3 months so those months may be the toughest. You will also feel more giving and not really be expecting much in return so be careful if you gain people leashing on you for money because you will feel very sympathetic to them.


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