People keep coming into our lives and we enter different peoples’ lives knowingly or unknowingly. And we never know how we affect those lives.

Our life is not just affected by people, it gets affected by our surroundings, a pet, a book, or even a movie. We may or may not notice these things which make us, but its like the the butterfly effect. It is the phenomenon whereby a minute localised change in a complex system can have large effects elsewhere.

And the painful part is that sometimes only after the departure or at the end of chapter is when we realise how much we learnt or how much their presence has caused a positive effect on us.

Let me share a past experience, which had a huge impact on me. I met a person, a friend’s friend. At that time i never knew this person would make such a difference in my life, but now, once we passed each other, i realise.

I was a complete non believer in karma, and didn’t care for how my actions would add up, and i never saw the bigger picture that was forming in front of me. I had always thought that the whole karma thing was just some mythological belief made up in order to keep people in line.

I didn’t know anything about mediation and its importance either. And i just didn’t understand the chakra system..

I started talking to my new friend little by little, although we both had drastically different personalities, we found a connection and there was soon a really good bond of friendship. We spoke of our day to day lives, and i started to learn more and more about her. She told me how she spends at least an hour or 2 mediating, and how it lets you reconnect with yourself. Hearing a first hand experience is always different from your parents telling you, or from reading of the internet. She was an entertaining person to be honest. She played more instruments than i could even name and sang along beautifully. Well something i really admired about her was her talent to express herself through poetry.

There’s the saying that the people who you are with can actually bring in a difference within you. Or to bring in the exact saying:‘You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.’ For me, it was a source of inspiration. I started to read more about karma and the seven chakras, so that we could have more conversations on the topic as my interests in these aspects grew. Well as far as meditation goes, I try clearing my mind and emptying all thoughts, but it still needs to be worked on. But above it all, she was the first to whom i had showed my writings.
And what you are seeing in front of you, these writings, my blog, is only because of her.

Now to get back from my experiences. These were the learnings i received from a single individual. And just like her, there have been others who have brought about positive changes within me. So now i just want to tell you that even when you are expecting nothing, don’t close your eyes, because you never know what the world has kept in store for you. Keep an open eye.

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My name is Kevin John.
I'm a student of grade ten at Inventure Academy .
Currently living in Bangalore, India.
I am inclined to philosophy because I want to embark on the journey, which is to find the true purpose of one's life.
This is my blog-
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