The imparting and receiving of information of services and products to the mobile phones as well as smart phone users is known as mobile advertising. The mobile advertising can vary from a text message to interactive promotional advertisements. It is also a part of mobile marketing.

The Necessity Of A Mobile Advertising Strategy

As per a recent survey, 60% of people spend their time on mobile phones glued to the internet. There is not even a single person today who does not own a mobile; and with the invention of smart phones, the number has increased even further, leave alone the question of leaving this habit. So, this itself shows that how mobiles have become a very indispensable part of our lifestyle and why mobile advertising is the need of the hour. Today, 90% of people browse the internet on smart phones than desktop. Searches in mobile devices have raised 400% since the last four years.

Kinds of Mobile Advertising

There are a wide variety of mobile advertising strategies to go for. They are as follows:

Advertising based on apps - This form of advertising is mobile advertising which involves the use of mobile apps. Since 90% of the time spent on mobiles are consumed over apps, it is not necessary to make an app all by yourself and get on with the action. There are services that assist the advertisers in making mobile advertisements that becomes evident within mobile applications incorporating third-party.

Advertising based on the location - Ads which emerge on mobile phones based on the user’s location in respect to a specified business or area are termed as location based apps. For instance, some advertisers might want some specific mobile advertisements to come up when the users are within a few kilometres of their merchandising.

Mobile picture advertisements – These are picture-based advertisements that are designed exclusively for mobile phones.

Short message service – This strategy incorporates seizing a user’s contact number and sending that person their various schemes over text messages, albeit it is considered outdated.

How To Make The Most Of Mobile Marketing

  • Brief and clear ads – Mobile phones comes with considerably small screens. For this reason, words need to be used moderately. Also, if possible, ads with pictures should be chosen keeping the words as minimum as possible, as we all know that a picture is worth a thousand words. So, a right and proper image with just its tagline can bring out the best results. Congested and cluttered advertisements will force the users to leave them unseen. It is advisable to keep the data plain and simple when it is about mobile phones.
  • Audience should be kept in mind – The mobile advertisements must be influenced by the audiences. For example, if a substantial part of the audience are gamers, then the ads should also be those of games. If they are well versed in computers and mobiles, then apps like Facebook which also promotes a variety of posts are possibly to get their notice. The demand of the audience is of utmost importance and hence, should be given due attention.
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Mobile Marketing comes with considerably small screens. For this reason, words need to be used moderately. Search any information regarding services please visit at