What if you're in a house in foreclosure, which was released only because of foreclosure? Cash for keys is a way for tenants and homeowners go through foreclosure to receive a cash payment in exchange for giving the keys and vacate the property in good condition. Two of the biggest problems the lenders / banks take on a homeowner in foreclosure is the condition of the house and get rid of its occupants. That's why the keys of the money is a quick and easy solution for many lenders. The term "in relation to Cash" has been used by banks for years, but we all know that the subprime crisis in 2007 led to an influx of foreclosures that pushed the banks to introduce cash key policies such as standard procedure.

You may or may not know that banks are not in the business of owning real estate. When a bank receives title to the home through foreclosure proceedings, the bank is now responsible for the maintenance and preservation of foreclosed homes. If the bank is forced to spend extra money to repair the damage caused by residents, the time and money increases the losses of the bank. Since the bank has already spent $ 55 000 - 65 000 USD per house taken over by foreclosure. Included in this expense is the cost of expelling an owner or tenant not to mention the time it takes to go to court.

To save money in the foreclosure process, lenders offer a program called "Keys for Cash" program that helps preserve the ownership of any unwanted material. When you have exhausted all your options and short sales are not used to save your home, your lender / bank may offer a cash settlement at the foot of the house in a peaceful manner. Unless your lender / bank offers "cash for keys" program, you may need to call the lender to start the negotiation process. In general, lenders / banks offer a cash payment for their home occupied by tenants or the property if you are willing to walk away quickly and peacefully. lenders require the landlord or the tenant to vacate the premises in good condition.

The key advantage of the cash from the perspective of the lenders is that the bank receives the tenants / people in the house quickly with the house in better condition than it would if an expulsion executed. Banks tend to negotiate an agreement with the occupants of a house in foreclosure, which states that the house will be in good condition and clean. It is also important that people be aware that the keys of a cash offer is a last resort, because once the denial and the paperwork is signed, the landlord and tenant / generally have no recourse. The agreements are usually set on a specific date that the house was vacant, including the promise of the occupants not:

Money matters

These are the result of unexpected expenses, or perhaps a job loss or sudden increase in interest rates takes everyone back to your regular payments. But just because you can not afford their mortgage payments, does not necessarily mean you will lose your property. An agency that handles the short sale home can help you sell your house for cash, allowing you to live at home, despite receiving the money you need to clear their debts.

Separation or divorce

You may be subject to a high emotional stress due to separation from your partner or a divorce. Then there is the issue of the financial settlement of common property. In such circumstances, the best solution might be to your home for sale by a special agency for the money can be divided into mutually acceptable terms. You can even continue on the property if desired through a sale and lease-up.


You want badly to that position abroad, but you have the desire to solve the problems of ownership. Time is a scarce and do not want to keep the property, since it can not prevent elsewhere. The ideal solution is to put it on sale, so that the agency will settle everything in its particular time and have to attend to other personal priorities.

Need money for investment

You can own property and want to release capital, profitable to invest in the project. The best way to sell your home quickly and easily is to go through the agency, in short, the value of your property and find a buyer for cash. The entire process can take less than four weeks.

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