written by Shirley Kalisky

Knock knock, who’s there? Your Caregiver!

To you and I it may seem far fetched that a “stranger” will knock on your door, come into your life and you will become fast friends. But that is exactly what happens, most times, with Seniors that have an In-Home Caregiver.

Oh, there is a moment or two of awkwardness at the front door, but it doesn’t last long. Like most boomers, I have a very full life with managing my business, raising two teenagers, keeping up with my social husband and spoiling my Corgi, there is no end to the activity. What I have learned is that many of our Senior’s have slowly lost old friends, helpful neighbors have moved away and, after a while, their “social circles” have narrowed. Their life is not chock full of activities, friends and daily social stimulation. The Caregiver can be a life line to getting out, chatting about the news, commenting on fashion, watching sports and general camaraderie.

One of the most rewarding parts of my job is when my clients and my Caregivers become best friends. It’s also not unusual for the family of the Senior to become attached as well. I have had a Caregiver that lived with the Senior and after they passed away, the family asked the Caregiver to stay and live in the house for a year, till they were ready to sell the home. I think that they weren’t ready to lose the Caregiver too. The good news is that In-Home Care works, and the best news is that it often works for the entire family, not just the Senior.

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